Bitcoin. pow . pos . easy way for new person


hello guys ! i need som easy and under stading good text about bitcoin. blockchain. profe of work . profe of stake. maby som good ides where all this is going and so on. it is to a person with no understanding about it. i need to print it on papers and i enjoy videos where the talk about it and i cant use that so i am a lost.
so i hope you can help with a link to a guy/girl who cover it all on medium or something so it is easy just to copy :slight_smile:



^ That right up there is a link to a website of people who push out more crypto content than anyone else on the planet.


Also check out


any who can send 10 days of bitcoin on one day ? so idont get it over 10 days


You could read Satoshis whitepaper in between. I just finished “The Internet if Money” by Andreas Antanopolous, another fantastic read for people of all levels of Bitcoin understanding.

The Internet of Money


it is not to me :slight_smile: and cant link and video no internet


Andreas Antonopoulos has playlist on his youtube called The Internet of Money as well