Bitcoin Price Predictions - Share your forecasts

I would like to create this thread so everyone could share their price predictions for Bitcoin. To have this thread a bit organised let’s everyone answer these two questions.

  1. Where do you see Bitcoin price to go before the end of the year?
  2. Where will Bitcoin head in 2020?

According to these Bitcoin predictions - Bitcoin will go down to about 9k per coin on average before the end of the year and is going to increase in 2020 to only around 12k dollars per coin.

The way I see it is that Bitcoin will really most likely go down a bit before it raises in value. I am, however, more optimistic regarding the year 2020 and would forecast an increase to around 17k dollars per coin.

What are your predictions for the Bitcoin price?


Hmmm, short term I agree that we could go down to $9K. I believe we’ll hit $35,388.78 at the 3rd halving.


12k eoy
16k May 2020


$14k - $20k by EOY '19.

$20k - $24k by 2020 Halving.

$14k - $30k Post-Halving - EOY '20.

$30k - ~$200k by EOY '21.

$30k low 2022 - 2023.


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