Bitcoin Price Surpasses $4,620, Analysts Optimistic in Strong Rally Toward $6,000


The strength of the bitcoin markets in Japan and South Korea has investors believing it will sustain its current momentum in the coming weeks. Noted investor Tuur Demeester tweeted that he is buying into bitcoin’s latest rally and Max Keiser of RT said bitcoin should aim for a target of $6,000 in the near future. That optimism comes from the friendly regulatory frameworks established by the two governments. Those regulations have fueled bitcoin growth from professional, large-scale, institutional, and retail investors. Analysts also believe the planned SetWit2x hard fork in late November has a “non-existent” chance of replacing or overtaking the legacy bitcoin blockchain.

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I think after Upbit launches and when China starts handing out licenses to exchanges, the rally that Bitcoin will have might surprise us all.


The wind is picking up! Lift the anchor, lower the sails, full speed ahead!


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