Bitcoin Price Thread



I thought I would take the time to start a new Bitcoin thread. We are now below $6000. How far are we going to fall before the bulls make their run? Let the arguing begin. :speaking_head:


I’d like to know why the market is dropping?


not arguing but honestly, who the hell knows? and bull run of what? our ath? or breaking the ath? i mean it’s honestly a rabbit hole going down this question tbh lol


I just bought some more BTC. Im pretty sure I can’t shore up the system by myself, :joy:


I’m just wondering how much more ‘on-sale’ it will be. I keep DCA-ing in every time it drops another couple of hundred dollars/BTC. I’m too new to this space to understand all of the technical analysis. My question is this: will BTC eventually surpass it’s all time high? As long as the community feels that it will, then I’m ok with riding the wave :sunglasses:


I’m going to go ahead and change the title. I don’t want a reflection of the “Will Bitcoin Drop Lower” thread that was recently closed. Just keep it civil to avoid any suspensions :+1: .


You don’t have to worry about civility on my end @Genesis . Good to go.


What does a bull run mean? I guess that’s subjective. To me it’s getting back over 10,000 for starters. I still feel like Q4 will make its run up again. Maybe even 20,000 + …But I’m just guessing at this point.


I haven’t totally figured that out yet. I think the whales are up to their old tricks.


I’m blaming these guys… :smile:


Have we hit the infamous triple bottom where there is a magic box of bulls released? :water_buffalo:


what’s the indicator name to bring up this volume well thing? thanks


It’s called volume profile. To use it on tradingview you have to have the paid package. :v:


oh ok, thanks @Clarky663 :wink:


people are willing to sell at lower prices


Some people might claim that a bullrun is from 6000 to 9500 in a couple of days, its all so relative to perception



Peter should just say how many he has sold… :joy:

On the down side…
My buy kicked in overnight, im doing my best to kick starter BTC…


Bloodied and Ripped to pieces by a Bear.

… But he survives!

And Won an Oscar


yeah… I definitely remember him leaping off a cliff and getting naked in the nuclear winter… :joy: