Bitcoin Price Thread



It was all the same. Hair on fire.


You talked about G20 for months and then just forgot about it. You claim it will play out like gold, without ever giving a reason why it would. You claim every price move is manipulation, with no proof. You claim everyone voting in favor of (or against) an ETF must be bribed.

You don’t see shit objectively, you’re a conspiracy theorist.


G20 has postponed their regulation suggestions unti november

I know pro traders that see the manipulation like broad day light. If you don’t see it, i can’t do anything about that

If i recall, i said late july:

To which you replied:

To which i just let it slide because i didn’t think you understood that this is a bear market that is being propped up and there was no point arguing about a blindspot the size of the grand canyon . Its slid to 6k in that timeframe i mentioned, i guess that means see you at 5k :tinfoilhat: :sunglasses:


I don’t care what they “see”. No proof = conspiracy theory.

Now I’m not saying it can’t be true, but using arguments like “someone said it so it must be right” is ish straight out a flat earth video.

Of course you’re right sometimes. “If it can go to X it can go to Z” is still meaningless.

Derailing by pointing out you were right about something doesn’t make the rest any more valid anyway.


You do realize that there is an ongoing btc manipulation investigation. You could ask them what they “see”

I got tired of putting up charts and laying down analysis. I did that for previous calls when i also called manipulation and was right “sometimes”. Just isn’t a productive use of time, i’m rehashing the same conversations again. There was a reason for that call and that timeline. I usually write more in DM’s though because i don’t want someone to waste time or money

I used to say “short the rallies because they’re fake.” Still fake, still profitable


I’m going to wait and see if we go down to 5k level. I think we could legitimately get that low. No more buying, trading, selling…just accumulating fiat for that future BTC buy. It’s risky, but I’ve been burned too many times over. Plus I need to get started on that moon ticket. Because the day WILL come when we see record highs again. It’s exactly WHEN where it gets tricky.


Get ready. The real culling hasn’t even begun.


On a positive note, I have more and more friends asking me about crypto. They realise the market has tanked and are willing to take the chance now that most alts are down 90+%. As Peter says, it’s about getting in the game. Who knows where we’ll be in two years time.


2-5 years is the real assessment time as far am I’m concerned with my crypto portfolio. Can’t wait to see where it all goes. Amazing time to get into any coins. sub-20$ NEO alone has to be super tempting for people.


All about bitcoin now… plenty of time to get into alts…
People trying to buy the bottom…best not to try,just wait and ride the trend.
I think I already bought the bottom on btc and use that position to trade off…
Im on board with Docs manipulation theory…the only problem I have with it, is its actually being manipulated down… :thinking:


I agree its being manipulated down as well, though i think its being manipulated in every direction


Bull champion Allesio now thinks a break down is a 75% probablity after another failed rally. More or less what i thought as well, and more etf denials and delays in september could serve as a catalsyt. Plus btc dominance is increasing so less rotation into and from the allts could be on the horizon, and people are fleeing the market.

He also points out that it was likely manipulation down, which i thought was pretty obvious. Big push down during low trading hours


You do realize the fact that someone kills someone once in a while doesn’t make every death a murder?


Ok dude

20 charzzzzzez


Btw. aren’t charts and analysis useless when everything is manipulation?


Your wasting you key strokes Doom traders trade and see the charts for what they are all signs point down but when people have over leveraged or invested a little more than they may be able to afford things get messy we have all been there when starting out.

As you know i’m bullish long term (2/5) years and don’t often agree with you but in this instance your words may hurt others due to the whole ( i told you so ) my advise to anyone right now if your not a trader DO NOT TRADE if you want long term wait for $4000’s :tipping_hand_man:


Don’t conflate Bitcoin with random worthless altcoins. There is a lot of PnD in this industry, but it is infeasible in the extreme to PnD Bitcoin. If you’re part of a PnD group, you target alts in the $50–$300m range, not Bitcoin.


Ya, i increased the “i told you so’s” on purpose because i don’t see a point to diplomacy now. The next cycle i’m seeing is some people cracking and selling near the bottom


I think its possible to observe the market structure in order find entries and exits


But if the manipulation follows the “logic” of market structure and TA, how can you tell it’s manipulation and not just the way the market goes?

Btw. it’s not because I’m bullish and want the Pub to paint a rosy picture of the market or anything. Id like my savings to be worth something a year from now, but short term I’d prefer the price to stay down (cos I wont have cash to invest the next couple of months).

I’m only arguing against reasons I see as nonsense / conspiracy theories / etc.