Bitcoin Price Thread



Broke back Bitcoin :rofl:


78000 usd by year end? :slight_smile:


Fake bar on the daily…stop run incoming, whales have the floor…previous one was 29 july… :see_no_evil:
Im guessing down thru support… but you never know with BTC…

Squat on the 4… Next bar will tell where we is aboutz to fly… :beers:
I should be out waiting…all disciplined like pub pro traderz… but im fookin lazy and have a 50% chance of up… :joy: :cold_sweat:
If its up target 7200… should be a nice move, either way.

Whats the pro traderz got? :man_shrugging:


…and 30 minutes later this appears again on trading view…

You cant make this sort of shit up… TA plus Whale equals Fear… :scream_cat:

Im guessing Pro Traderz got down! :joy:


Hey Buddy I’m no pro trader but I’m still in my 2 trades from yesterday pace is slowing and my stop loss levels are set so just a case of wait and see. That news that you posted up is typical mid run up :rofl:

Back over to the forex charts this week buddy watch out for $$$$$ weakness versus both the GBP & EUR also GBP/JPY is a buy and Hold easy 140-180 Pips in that over the next month or so :v:


Day 2, continuing this experiment of public commentary on what I think – y’all tell me whatcha think, too…

Either some whale is periodically selling off a large amount of BTCs leading to frequent sharp drops or someone is deliberately stop/loss hunting and squeezing a net 2% gain in their purse.


that’ll take a while to chew through that haha


I’m still sticking with the bottom of wedge pattern before a reversal to the upside where we will try to break resistance one more time. Or lose support at bottom of wedge and break down. If this pattern breaks i will reassess. The trend line on candles is a little messy but i think it works.


I’d go for a stop loss hunter, really don’t see why any whale would consider selling off large amounts on an exchange when the otc market offers them far less risk.


I don’t understand why a whale would be willing to sell this close to a bull run.


Because their associates are still buying in the otc market. Need to keep prices down through the smaller retail market.


Or hitting the open buys on the order book which then leaves no support when the real drop happens. Those long down candle wicks pierce through the buy orders. :thinking:

“Accumulation” :drevil:


I can breathe a sigh of relief. I close the week in the green, but I confess I cheated.

I noticed several ALT coins getting pumped, so dug around to find one that hadn’t pumped yet today. Found my candidate in GO (whatever the hell that is…). Several ALT’s hit gains of more than 20%, some over 40% for a short duration so somebody somewhere ran some major pump and dump operations today. What I liked about GO was that it was fairly cheap so even a few satoshis change in price amounted to a whole percent change. Secondly, it was recently listed on Binance, so it looked like it had potential interest of other traders.

Now, what’s that Bitcoin gonna do? A move’s coming. We’re 2/3rds of the way through Bitcoin’s typical cycle length to make a big move, so there’s that:

Frankly, I’m still surprised nothing really happened aside from the deep stop/loss hunt earlier this morning, but then again, Sundays tend to be a bit like the calm before the storm.


How do you find these gems mate… do you manually just go through chart after chart on trading view or have your crazy computer skillz invented some kind of crypto screener bot?


Finally Broken support :cowboy_hat_face: that was a long 3 days now lets make some money

First buy for bounce $6222 :saltbae: $10 spacing until $6166


0.618 did not played out this time


My thoughts exactly! The pressure that builds and the patience one must have while waiting at these critical junctures. That sucker was either gonna spike sky high, or tank with some whale’s sell dump…looks like the latter happened and the big heads up was @scraggyhound’s ccn article on large BTC quantities being shuffled around. When I saw that and then saw ALT’s starting to pump, I went shopping elsewhere and just waited on BTC to do it’s thing.

@scraggyhound: as for how I find these gems, this is gonna seem a bit mind-bending…but it’s just a process I’ve built up over the last 9 or so months of building and practicing and learning and it all fits together into a cohesive whole that bubbles up the new gems to the surface.

I mostly trade on Binance and I tend to focus on top 25 by volume. When something new comes along and it’s dominating the volume, it’s a good one to keep close tabs on and watch for opportunities to milk for profits. It’s this singular characteristic that usually brings the “new gems” into sharp focus for me.

I do have an alert script integrated with Slack that let’s me know of all new coin pairings listed on top ten exchanges. On top of that, I do have bots doing their trading thing, so if they suddenly start trading a new coin and making $$, I start watching those coins a mite bit closely for the bigger manual trades. The bots are chasing 0.25% to 2% profits. If I’m doing a manual trade, I’m trying for 2%, but usually hoping for > 5%. The bots trade much smaller amounts so that working capital isn’t exhausted and they have room to grow.

When I manually trade, I can trade up to 25% of working capital on any one trade (25% is arbitrary threshold rule of mine). When everything dips and starts to turn, I tend to pick four and go “all in” at 25% on each. Four is about all I can watch manually. The only other exception is when bleeding red days that are extended two or three days…then I use my “catfish” bot and go all in on all 25 top coins by volume and the bot rides all 25 to highest profit it can take from each, which is basically to say bot waits for a 3% gain, then start following with stop loss at minus three times ATR. So, yeah, I’m kinda intimately familiar with what’s going on with the top 25 at all times, so “new gems” tend to stand out like the new kid on the block in the neighborhood.

On TradingView, I keep several watchlists handy and it helps me quickly scan through the markets. The way I like to do it: Top 25 is my list of top 25 coins by volume, which I update once every week or two.

BTC Pairs is all BTC pairs on Binance
USDT Pairs is all USDT pairs on Binance
BNB Pairs is all BNB pairs on Binance

When I manually open any positions, I click the Flagged button on the market pair and that gives me a quick way to scan through everything that’s open via TV’s “Flagged” list. I also put the new coin listings into the Flagged categories if they’re looking like a worthy contender to trade just so I don’t forget about them – sometimes a new listing needs to pan out over the course of 2 or 3 weeks before they’re worth messing around with risk-wise and I’ll almost certainly forget about them without flagging them.

Dunno if that helps or not, but that is my world and it allows me to trade without obsessing 24/7. Last week was a bit of an exception since I messed up so badly and I go on, I guess you’d call it a rage, binge trading to pull back a loss to the zero line. I don’t like losing. And by that, I mean week-to-week net profit…during the week, there’s always losses, I just try to be right more often than not and 60% right is a good batting average for me (and yes, another arbitrarily chosen mark to aim for).


Thanks for that kind sir… a great insight into your trading day. Very helpful.
Yeah we got the move, my TA is getting better these days, I know its coming at least now!
Im finding chaos theory works great for Bitcoin. Im looking for a big dump into major support… :joy:
Now I just need to see if it holds!
Thanks again and happy trading!


@ ErikVoorhees

Bear markets are for builders. The calm, the quiet, the disillusionment… while the fickle and fair-weather peer around with nervous insecurity, the builders become the market’s foundation, preparing the mortar and stone of tomorrow’s towers. # bitcoin


should BTC make another HL or retake the LL ? :thinking::thinking::thinking: