Bitcoin Price Thread



This is a good plan. Most of the market is preparing for a capitulation move but I bet very few have a back up plan if the bottom is behind us. It took a very long time for the majority of the market to turn their psychology from bull to bear (me included).


I just can’t say the bottom is in man. Markets don’t give you this long to buy them lol. I will miss the bottom. So i just have to trade what i see in front of me

Can’t be trading my opinion :slight_smile:


capitulation can either be rapid or a painful up and down for 3 years… either would make you think … screw this market.



The bottom is in.


I don’t think it is either, but it could be. I have a plan to take action if that gets confirmed.


if its “in” already, what would be a confirmation that its actually the bottom?


It seems to me that nothing could convince most to buy now. The confirmation would require sustained price movement upwards which means you buy higher than now.

Waiting for confirmation requires you to miss out on the best prices. There’s always confirmation to see so buying never occurs until the reversal is so obvious that even noobs are foaming at the mouth for more crypto.


When I get the call :bogged:.

The ultimate indicator is 50 day SMA crossing above 200 day SMA.


Why would you rely on moving averages? They seem like completely arbitrary lines to me. Static Support and resistance lines seem much better to me from a psychological basis.


I have never used USDT, cuz I dont trust it… but I may give it a shot…

I get money from CBpro to Huobi and Binance just by moving BTC and ETH… so I have made a series of buys on alts just by quickly buying eth, then moving it and transacting on the alt all within a 10 min timeframe…kinds ghetto…

whats the easiest way to get into USDT with CB being your onramp?


Could be a case of…


Yep, I would use those too, just the last nail in the coffin for the bear market to be over for me is golden cross on the daily moving averages.


Maybe USDC to binance that supports USDC/USDT pair? I’m not 100% sure cuz I’ve not tested the cheapest way to save on fees.


This worked pretty well for me because USDC has no fee to purchase and about a penny to transfer. The main source of loss is the fact that USDT is usually worth a bit more than USDC. That’s annoying.


I dont even care about fees that much , its a rounding error, maybe just fast buying eth and then transfering it then buying USDT is ghetto, but the easiest way…?


I literally forgot CB had USDC now, this is probably easiest… brain fart


what a manipulated clown show


The question is do we expect stair steps up again all the way to $4,100 or do they mix it up and smash down? Hmmm…


the 3670 dollar question!


Symetrical triangle pattern anyone? :man_shrugging:t2: :rofl:

place your bets !