Bitcoin Price Thread



Longs nearing highs
Shorts nearing lows :eyes:


@MaxP you load up on any shorts over the past few days?


No mate just been scalping, I honestly don’t know where this will break. It’s in one of those annoying barts haha


Based on my wave pattern analysis we are in the “R” phase.




I have seen that guy lurking too :dog2:


Creepin and a peepin mate. Biding his time for the bull run so he can say he bought the bottom :man_facepalming:


I kind of miss him… Every Superman needs his Lex!


Morning People

Shorts are now approaching bottom of trend line form Jan last year i think we will see a big move before the weekend is out tight stops needed :scream:


Short the next short stop hunts :dicaprio1:

I know your game Arthur :roger: :arthur: :black_joker:



You up or down mate ?


Neutral right now but expecting down. Wanting to short but waiting for higher entries or a breakdown of $3500.


Just give me a 100k bitcoin and lets be done with it! :crazy_face:


You ever buy something to make a quick few percent and then its goes the other way and spend 1.36 mins waiting to get out at even :sweat_smile:


Yes and I’d be happy with 1.36minutes Jesus, sometimes I spend days getting out.
Well used to… now I just accumulate through DCA.


Why would you spend time waiting for it? Just set the limit order that you want and walk away for a bit.


I have an addiction to watching the dildos :lightsaber1::lightsaber2:


Me too man! BTC is in too much indecision for me too. It keep an eye on it hahab


Another reason why I need to be watching.

I want a candle close below 3550 with volume. I can’t set a limit order for a sell at 3550. It could just bounce off that horizontal and do me over