Bitcoin Price Thread




I have seen that guy lurking too :dog2:


Creepin and a peepin mate. Biding his time for the bull run so he can say he bought the bottom :man_facepalming:


I kind of miss him… Every Superman needs his Lex!


Morning People

Shorts are now approaching bottom of trend line form Jan last year i think we will see a big move before the weekend is out tight stops needed :scream:


Short the next short stop hunts :dicaprio1:

I know your game Arthur :roger: :arthur: :black_joker:



You up or down mate ?


Neutral right now but expecting down. Wanting to short but waiting for higher entries or a breakdown of $3500.


Just give me a 100k bitcoin and lets be done with it! :crazy_face:


You ever buy something to make a quick few percent and then its goes the other way and spend 1.36 mins waiting to get out at even :sweat_smile:


Yes and I’d be happy with 1.36minutes Jesus, sometimes I spend days getting out.
Well used to… now I just accumulate through DCA.


Why would you spend time waiting for it? Just set the limit order that you want and walk away for a bit.


I have an addiction to watching the dildos :lightsaber1::lightsaber2:


Me too man! BTC is in too much indecision for me too. It keep an eye on it hahab


Another reason why I need to be watching.

I want a candle close below 3550 with volume. I can’t set a limit order for a sell at 3550. It could just bounce off that horizontal and do me over


Just set a stop-market order in advance to protect yourself. All you need is the “close on trigger” checked and you can place them while your active order is still open.


What kind of leverage are you using? :see_no_evil:


Well it’s just with it being wick city, I can set my stop tight get stopped out from a wick which I don’t really want


And I use Deribit man so it’s cross lev