Bitcoin Price Thread



Depends on definition of best year in crypto. I do still think it can go past ath of 20k by end of this year. But first we’ll visit 4.8 to 5k as the low. I’m thinking end of August - October before starting new bull market.


Why then? Any particular reason?


I think the etf is what’s causing these drops. Whales who actually own btc are dumping to make sure they profit on those future contracts.


Not sure what you mean by “why then?”. If you’re asking for a reason for bull run, it’s simple. Institutional money, most likely through etfs, will push prices much much higher. It all depends on how quickly the SEC gives the green light. Right now they are reviewing the etf filings.


Just thinking why august and so on?


I see. Well the timing is just an estimate based on TA.


I have never sold a single Satoshi for profit like many others but spent for goods and services hell yeah! Fiat sucks today, and the greedy are mostly “back to Fiat” mentality


great night…thrashed some ex jail birds at pool…met up with a best mate… and old school TA smoked a few bears…
Starting my own Youtube channel with Jacko…2K a pop membership… :wink:

Nah…getting ready for England .too busy…


What if bitcoin cash really is the real bitcoin and you never got your stack ?


Get a TA thread set up with jacko mate, think I’d be nice to see all the different strategies everyone has and would probably be valuable info for new members looking to trade as well as invest.
I’ve been spending some time looking at supply and demand using the wykoff theory along with volume, weis waves and the 3/10 oscillator.
So many different strategies out there though, it’s mind boggling at times. I’m Just trying to find one which suits my personality.


you cant win em all mate…
but ethical standards should be met at all times…
no ripple,verge,eos or bit cash in ones portfolio…


evening fella…
Mate…all this its going to zero bullshit has had me thinking twice about my trades recently…
but I pile the cash on and stick with my plan…
Its getting very difficult in here,posting bullish stuff but I keep posting and would hope,along with Mr Fishy that pub regulars can see this forum is for BTC holders and that even in a severe correction you can still make dollars…going long…
We are at the sharp end now…TA versus… whatever the experts are calling their shit…
Keep it simple,wait for the break and ride the trend.


I don’t think btc is going to 0… its just likely going down. Defense of the major high value trading node at 5.7k is on because if it falls, next node is 4.2k


hi buddy…
Yeah…I get all your saying…but on my last charts i would like if you said why you thought old school momentum charts were getting it wrong…why it was still rising despite price dropping…
That would be great to understand why …
I do take on board your comments,but when they effect my trading …I have to step back from the pub and stick to the go long plan… :wink:


Well i’m not looking at those… i look at the trend, and match it up with the nodes and wells and trading volume. Do those morentum charts show how much of a bounce to expect?

I know someone that has been calling bullish divergence at low 6k for a while, but that could mean anything eg 100 points, 200 points etc…


Yes mate…daily bounce 7800…weekly bounce 10800…
I just cant go short on my trading strategy;;
But…Bitcoin manipulation…yeah it can go lower,I just doubt it can hold that lower level due to old school TA…



If the price can hold above the red down trendline, we might have seen the bottom.


Looking at a bear flag that has formed on the daily chart. BTC has failed to break out of the volume well (dotted blue line denotes the middle of the well which serves as resistence). I think more likely than not, btc will continue to drift into the volume well and will get pushed down and magnitized into the high volume trading node at 6.1k (red line). From there, probably a retest of 5.7k

Don’t usually post the RSI, but left it up this time to show that the pumps have created plenty of space for a push down before it gets near an oversold condition.

Bear flag has a potential to drop 1k points, but it will first need to pass through the defended high value trading node at 5.7k


You might be right Torres but my interpretation is that this bear flag, if it is indeed a bear flag, is much less pronounced than the previous 3 flags.
Also, the daily MACD is in bullish mode. I think it’s too early to either take a bullish or bearish stance.