Bitcoin Price Thread



CEO at Paxful…
“In a world where one geopolitical event, can terraform entire markets, one aberrant core developer or exchange hack can affect the price of bitcoin and whole economies currently embroiled in the inflation hell of Currency Wars discovering bitcoin as a safe heaven it isn’t a stretch of the imagination to see bitcoin rise steadily back to $20,000 and above. The astonishing lack of sellers in the bitcoin OTC markets is another hint that the smart money is on bitcoin and the real action is in P2P as the ultra wealthy and desperate peoples looking to preserve their wealth both look to acquire bitcoin in large quantities,” Youssef explained.
P2P volume increasing…

love a volume chart… :wink:


Here we go again… :man_shrugging::joy:


Ongoing dip maybe initiated due to BTC sells from ongoing SYS/Binance hack rumors…


Don’t you just love the timing on these? :slight_smile: .


Just crazy whats going on here at the moment…

But - made nice gains with this manipulated pump :scream::ghost::speak_no_evil:


Trading down at Binance now. Hope I don’t get rekt.


Everything is suspended on Binance. What a fucking mess this might turn out to be.


I take a day off crypto to watch England and wake up to Binance hacked… :roll_eyes:
I expected fun and games on the breakout, but this is starting to get tedious now…
some one please let me know if its up and running…cant use Binance at work…Thank you.


Binance resumed trading at 08:00 UTC.


It’s working now. If you can use your phone at work, get the binance app. :sunglasses:


Yeah almost like some dick is waiting for the markets to start moving in the right direction UP (Green) then they drop the hack\scam bombs and bring us back down to earth halting any signs of a moon shot.


BTC is mooning… :rocket::rocket::rocket:


I actually believe the crashing of CNY/USD rate is the main drive for the crypto market hype. The real exchange rate could be as low as 20:1.

6th of July is the cliff for many foreign investment in china. What will you do if you are sitting on billions of CNY and US is raising import tariff against your products in a week?


Any bearish flags forming?


Every green spike is a bear flag. They’ll only confirm after the fact though


When hack fud try’s to stop the up swing.

Just want it to get above and stay above 6800 to fuck tony vays off.


Yep, we have to form the right inverse shoulder so we must go back down. :wink:


not Saying that it won’t, but patterns don’t always work in terms of its direction. It’s already broke to the upside off of a parallel bearish flag inside that wedge.


Agreed :+1: it’s definitely a level that has numerous touches going back.

If we go above and use it as support though. :wink:

Love watching levels like this :v:


4 hour looks good to me…staying long, buying any pull back…
ADX daily looking like its coming round…
But I always think BTC looks great… :joy: