Bitcoin Price Thread



Ya, I think its easier to see on the 4hr. I posted the daily because it gives an easier look at the RSI and the volume profile. I’m taking the bearish stance because I’ve got an open short position. As soon as I sense weakness, I’m putting skin in the game. If it break up a little, I’m willing to ladder in more positions unless it pumps like crazy. I just think with the volume well, BTC will have its hands full

Also juding by how much the RSI moved up, I think big stacks already invested a lot of money. Of course they can pump it again, but pumping out of the volume well will really be costly


I would give it 60/40 odds with 60 to the downside because I haven’t seen convincing volume moving in to sustain a rally. Also, should it turn out to be a bulltrap and the prices reverse, I expect a major sell off to the low 5k.


He bought?


There hasn’t been any post rally volume conviction whatsoever for 6 months


Another bull trap or start of bull run first day Q3 that will continue until the end of the year


Nope, lots of bots guarding certain price points and retail investors not getting behind it. Bull run comes when its time, can’t force it

However, can’t definately trade months or even years of sideways action in a multi year bear market


I dont see 10% moves every other week as sideways action…
But if you say so…I will take it…

You got any volume for Circle OTC ?


I came across this Accumulation / Distribution indicator, which doesn’t show any significant drop dispite the bear maket. What do you think guys?



If btc goes multi year bear in a range of 1-6k, i consider that sideways action. Established support and resistence points, what could be better for trading


1K !!??

Well thats a Buy on the daily awesome…first breakout buy this year…
Im probably staying long… :joy:


Nice little drive again today, have we seen the last of this correction a break of 6850 would be a huge buy indicator for all again. :call_me_hand:


Now that’s some accuracy I haven’t seen in any of these posts. Dang good sources! :muscle: !




Things are looking good at the minute Jacko :+1:


I’m not trying to poop in your corn flakes but this is all manufactured until there is real volume commitment imho

You get yer morning big candle then it’s eroded all day trying to defend 6.3k

Waste of time

Wake me up at 13000


I always spew a little bit of my drink when I see the price shoot up by a few hundred dollars in just a matter of seconds. I’m nearly FOMOing at the mouth.


you do chat some :poop:


Afternoon buddy… :beers:

nice trade over the weekend… :wink:
was that a 553 correction wave…
or a get 10% a week wave… :joy:


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It’s hard not to listen to a @heavilyarmedclown. :clown_face: