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Where should BTC stop ? first or second ? :beetconnect:

The newly formed triangle in purple ends exactly at the first trendline though … :fearful: :thinking: :illuminati::tinfoilhat:


Interesting commentary from another TradingView day trader:

Bitcoin Friday Updates BCTUSDT

Bitcoin finally broke below the dynamic support line at 6474 to trigger a short scalp back to the 6410-6380 range. The low was 6411 before Bitcoin rallied away to the upside again.

Bitcoin is acting a little strangely - no momentum breaks on either side at moment - as if it’s been institutionalised and locked up in a cage Hannibal Lecter-style.

From Moby Dick to goldfish in one year flat.
The break on the upside is lame .
Am closing out the long . This sucks right now.
Thinking about reversing short.

I am in agreement that BTC is acting a little strangely lately. And when it does, it’s time to be on your toes because something big usually happens when it stagnates or starts wobbling around everyone’s T/A’s.


The move above 6530 resistance seemed really weird to me last night. Virtually no movement on order book,huge volume spike 3 or 4 candles before with no movement. It was like it stepped across the line just to say it got there lol. I agree strange movements as of late… :man_shrugging:


Seeing same thing again right now, huge volume no movement.

If you see this indicates move about to happen.


When do you think we will see the beginning of the next bull market in crypto?

  • Late 2018
  • 1st half 2019
  • 2nd half 2019
  • 1st half 2020
  • 2nd half 2020
  • 2021 or later

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How about: never again?! :open_mouth:


Put me down for tonight… the Bull run, that is…nothing else… :joy:


I saw Jordan Belfort on cnbc, he said it was a scam and Roger Ver says bcash is the real bitcoin. So its never going to happen, Bitcoin is dead. :rofl: :troll:

Trading volatility, vote shortly. I have to think about it…


Millennials have the attention span of goldfish. They’ll be back. :wink:


I’m with ya. But I think the general consensus that there’ll be another bull run in the near future is harmful. Just look at this year: it’s coming in February, April, July, September, etc. What if this market contracts for the next few years? How many will be willing to throw money at BTC in such a situation? I think we need to be looking at an at least 10 year timeframe here.


Fine by me mate, your right alot will not be around who are now. Alot who was here 6months ago are not now, but youv’e got to stick by what you believe in.

For me currently i am serving in the British army, soon to be studying as a mature student to follow a career as a physiotherapist. But even then, i’ll not be mega wealthy. So we either invest in traditional assets over our lives to enjoy a probably fairly average pension pot, or risk it to enjoy what could be some of the best years of your life in the future.

Me personally i’m taking the second option, as this is the way in which I can achieve all the things I want to in the future.


I see it totally different… Printing Fiat and global debt is now beyond repair, the world is starting to fracture. No one knows if Brexit could be a Black Swan catalyst…Sky News just ran an interview with US bankers saying rising interest rates will start the next financial collapse… Debt is obscene and PE ratios of over 300 are crazy…
I see Bitcoin as a hedge… I see price held down and not natural… Im just guessing the big boys want in and no one waves this train off untill they say so. Im just hitching a ride on the roof.
This is not Uranium…or any other commodity…Its a one off, for me one BTC is one BTC.


Let’s try a little experiment. BTC is acting a little wonky. Big volume spikes out of nowhere at times, price barely moving. The question is what’s going on? Will it go up or will it go down?

Over the next 15 to 20 hours, this is what I’m expecting.

Funny…as I was writing this, BTC begins to retreat per my expectation and my stop/loss just triggered. (zoomed in)

If price action suddenly reverses and heads back to solid line and breaks through, then I’ll probably re-enter my long position there for a small loss on this trade.


Im OK with things… 6700 is crucial, this is the closest we get to breaking out…7127 and all hell breaks loose as Bears throw the sink at it… Im not really trading or watching now, Im just letting it do its thing…

Off Topic how much BTC does Bakkt need to hold by November?


All of it. :smiley:

Sorry, that was snarky, but couldn’t resist the bait.


The huge resistance that was @6600 last night is now @6500 looking at order book. Being pushed down?


Ha ha… Thats cool my friend…
If you can link me their wallet I would be super grateful! :wink:


Based on last two instances it has occurred at resistance. Breaks resistance and gets shoved into sell wall. Shortly thereafter leading to price decline back below point of previous resistance.


I think i’m going to sit out today guys, I’m no pro trader but something is off in market. The indicator signals even look odd. It’s like the market is in slow motion in between periods of high volatility. We should be bouncing between support and resistance zones but we just seem to be sitting here. Are you having any troubles trading at moment @mwlang. I had buys picked out thinking we were gonna do oversold bounce on 3 and 5 min chart. You could even see orders stacked up at a support zone now we’re just sitting here.


I haven’t tried today. Truth be told, I am just exhausted from recovering from a -15% mistake earlier this week. I went to bed without closing out two positions I could’ve sworn I had stop losses set. So lesson there is always, always check your open positions one last time before calling it a day.

I traded my way back to -2% overall for the week and called it quits. But that way is not the marathon way and it’s exhausting style of trading. Also why I got to digging into indicators because I literally couldn’t leave the charts in that time period, so passed the time with going through all the new-fangled indicators and studying up on the old familiar ones as well.