Bitcoin Price Thread



Bearish enough?

Rising wedge = declining upward movement into a large volume well (dotted blue line = heavy resistence)


When hack fud try’s to stop the up swing.

Just want it to get above and stay above 6800 to fuck tony vays off.


Yep, we have to form the right inverse shoulder so we must go back down. :wink:


not Saying that it won’t, but patterns don’t always work in terms of its direction. It’s already broke to the upside off of a parallel bearish flag inside that wedge.


That’s true, but I think the volume well will be heavy resistence that will likely cause a push down


Agreed :+1: it’s definitely a level that has numerous touches going back.

If we go above and use it as support though. :wink:

Love watching levels like this :v:


4 hour looks good to me…staying long, buying any pull back…
ADX daily looking like its coming round…
But I always think BTC looks great… :joy:


5 waves over now for A,B,C pull back buy order set for $6445 :wink: sorry but we can not just go stright up it simply doesn’t work like that a little consolidation never hurt anybody…


Evening fella…
Yeah…we need to see those bears piling the shorts on… :joy:


Weren’t we heading to sub $5k when we were at $5.7K? That was 1000 points ago. The bears never talk about recovery rallies. They just expect a straight line right to zero. :roger: :btc: :rofl:


I just watched an interview with Ken Costa at LJ wealth management, he reckons millennials net generation wealth could reach 18 trillion in 4 years…and is setting up the next generation of investment as these new clients prefer a hands on approach…lets hope a few like a bit of BTC with their AI investments…Blockchain surely has to be on that radar…


The firm points to analysis that predicts more than $24tn of wealth will be controlled by millennials by 2020.
Thats a lot of cheddar, nearly pays off USA debt… :wink:


The younger generation is proven to be more open to digital currencies.
It’s in inevitability.
The question is… we older folks… are we going to let them mark up the price before we get in?
The time is now to accumulate.


Nothing wrong with relief rallies, otherwise it would go to zero.

In bull market, its good to buy the dips. Bear markets, its short the rallies. I talk about rallies all the time :joy:


Everyone buy 1 bitcoin at exactly 9:01pm EST



Don’t spend it on btc, some whale buying otc will spot sell on you. Coordinate 1btc worth of syscoin instead :wink:

Honestly though, if i was gambling person, a dip to 6.2k might be a ladder position if a bull flag forms on the daily.


When miners pump?


I reckon Doc is long now… seems to be very quiet in here… :joy:



Nope, dump is probably coming



Morning fella…
Fairplay holding them shorts open, cant be easy being underwater for so long…
Bulls are used to it so no problem for them…
You do realise most old school TA indicators are looking good…
Going to need some fair old bear fud manipulation to dump it now… :thinking: