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Well you know me, 85% importance is put fundamentals and geo political infuences, 15% on TA. Btc has same fundamentals as when it dipped twice under 6k. I don’t think btc is going anywhere



Cryptocurrencies are the “next natural step” for the global economy, academics from Imperial College London have claimed in a new report that suggests people could be paying for their weekly shop in Bitcoin within a decade.

The study, commissioned by cryptocurrency exchange eToro, presents research from Professor William Knottenbelt and Dr Zeynup Gurguc, who claim that digital coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum have already passed one of the three fundamental tests to become a bona fide currency: acting as a store of value.

I reckon if left to do its thang…without any bear shit…your going to be holding underwater to 7300…rather than 5700…


What’s wrong with coinmarketcap

Bitcoin price on Binance from trading view 6700+

Bitcoin price on Binance from CoinmarketCap 7000+


Never forget

Bitcoin is future of money.


Stirring the echo chamber a little



Wow…" so much going off in stocks… " :clown_face:

Yeah, they are rolling over from 2008 trend tops… if he had said commodities he might have had an idea…

Well, it was worth watching to see a youtuber with a homemade sex dummy in his lounge… wtf.??


I wonder what he would say about these ETFs ??


Or this ETF proposal… :wink:

Should make marijuana etf easy… and a few crypto ones…


Not sure but knowing Ernie, he would first do a fundamental analysis in order to develop a bullish or bearish bias then go from there. He’s a volume trader as well and he’s really accurate

He has algorithms running on different markets to ufind trading setups and he was posting them for a while if people wanted to trade with him. Out of 20 calls, 17 made good profit and 2 were break even, so i’d say he’s a pretty good trader. I should poke around and see what he’s trading the days

He was also the former cheif technologist at sun microsystems, so he knows distributed technology better than most will in their entire lifetime. People don’t like him because he’s been really bearish, but i definatly respect his opinion

But ya, don’t know what the doll is, he gets lots of crap for it. Obviously he doesn’t care because its still there. I think he calls it silent bob :joy:


Looking through his algo calls the past few weeks, he’s traded microgold, lots of forex, 5 and 10 year treasury notes, soybean oil, heating oil, natural gas and many others. Reason i’m listing this is because if crypto gets slow, there’s an entire other world of trading elsewhere if someone hasn’t considered it. IMO crypto will be around for a while, but its worthwhile to have non correlated assets classes in order to hedge risk


Good TA setup on bitcoin right now just need Volume


Ern also reckons crypto needs a 7trillion dollar market cap to get noticed…
He is a smart fella and should realise…No one has any clue where Bitcoin is going…
Its decentralised, its going its own way…you either want some or you dont…can Fiat last, I dont think so, too much has been printed and debt is ridiculous, student debt in the USa at 1.5 trillion dollars! Think of that for a moment,students owe 1.5 trillion and its going up exponentially,thats nearly as much as the UK national debt…
If deutsche bank goes under some satoshis will come in handy…


What we do think of this video Bears and Bulls?


Hey Buddy
I agree but the guy was too late should have taken the fake out straight away. I’m loaded up and now leaving Btc too its own devices for the rest of the year. It seems alot of people have left the space, Pubs quite theses days theres only so much news people want to hear i used to watch each and every video of Peters but now simply pick out what i feel worthy of hearing. The rest of this year i feel Btc can get to 12-15k at which point i personally will take profits off the table and :alien: as for my 5K ICX stack HOLD for long time :joy::sunglasses::alien:


Yes the printing of fiat is out of control, but its my opinion that its not going anywhere. Fiat isn’t just value put on it by bankers, its also backed by the productivity of nations and their military.

Thats also why i don’t think crypto goes its on way (which is only backed by what people will pay for it), it need to be legitimized by laws of sovereign states, obviously to not be illegal for investors, but also to entice institutions. Thats the irony i think, crypto’s decentralized message is completely at odds with how the world functions, not just at the nation level which is centralized, but also the human level. So much talk about about a permissionless, trustless future that remover the human element in order to make people’s lives better. A lot of human progress is based on trust and buiding relations, a trustless society sounds complety isolating and backwards. Just my opinion


I feel you man. Its been very hard and even the seasoned guys are a little surprised at how long this dip/crash/correction has gone on for. I have personally questioned myself, the market and doubted everything a number of times. In the end I just said fuck it, I can’t do anything about it. Learn to take advantage of the situation and make my own judgement to whether the risk/reward is worth it.

Pub is quieter but you still have the guys that are adding value whether we agree or not. I have learned a lot about myself in the last couple of months.

Bro read the paragraph someone quoted in the icx thread! That’s our moon shot.

I’m a believer but I’m optimistic. :pray:


I think he’s not calling for ATH, he knows better. He keeps saying look at the charts for an answer, eg looking for a short term risk to reward play without considering other factors like fundamentals and geo political influences. But if i look at those things, i don’t think the bear market is going anywhere

Like jacko is saying, he’s taking profit at 12-15k. If btc somehow manages that this year or even gets a relief rally, its smart to have a profit taking plan. This may be at odds with what other people are doing, but accumulating fiat in a bear market is not a bad thing


Yes agreed, he’s not calling a long term prediction but I like how he reminds us to go against MSM sentiment which is something I’m hearing more and more.

Also, did you see the bit where he mentioned he doesn’t even think we are in a bear market? I’ve heard a few people say that but I haven’t watched that video of his yet. It’s the one he made before this recent one if you’re interested. You should hear him out he’s a good trader!