Bitcoin Price Thread



100% been through it years back in Forex buddy, removing emotion is the biggest task of all theres too many sensitive people around the space. Very appreciative of all the great content still in the Pub wether thats bear or Bull makes no odds to me at all as long as we all make money and have a better prospect for future life we all win…

I spotted that on the ICX thread, i remember my goal of 1k ICX in Jan i stuck to my DCA and haven’t wavered on it id rather take the chance than put into ad government/ central bank savings account.

I agree with the we are not in a bear market yet its been a correction nothing more


agree it’s a correcting market not a bear market


Nothing goes up forever and this is the newest market i have been involved in so lets take it that we have had the first pull back on the first wave up lets see where we are in 10 years :alien:


Yes. I was certainly an emotional wreck when it came to negative sentiment and fud about the project I believed in. It got the better of me and I couldn’t control my reaction. Bad chapter in my Crypto life but I’ve come out of it more enlightened. I was often wrong and retaliated when it wasn’t warranted.

I appreciate the knowledge of the bears (most of them) and they are needed in the pub. It’s a shame people have left the pub because of the negative price action but it’s understandable.

Icon is strong. I’m such a believer in that project so I’m gonna hodl for a long time to come. But I have learned to diversify a bit so have started doing that now.


It is hard has hell to look at negative points of a crypto you believe in.
My back up to that has always been old school bitcoin.
Softens the blow a bit.


I think both me and him agree that one criteria for a bear market is when buying the dips becomes risky and shorting the rallies is the market edge

Personally though, i put less emphasis on moving averages and fibs. Daily btc trading volume was at 7-9 billion at the 9k range, now its under 4 billion and dwindling fast. Thats my definition of bear market: market sentiment tanking

I know people are waiting for 5.7k to break before conceding its a bear market, but imo thats an after thought. The conditions arn’t in place for a significant rally. Maybe whales propping up the market who are taking advantage of low volatility and volume, but it looks like a bear market to me


So found a video which gives a summary of more or less what I’ve been seeing, but thought it would be nice to see it with a volume profile

So I added it in. Blue dotted lines are the volume wells, which represent heavy resistence. I see the current move being a continuation of the last two moves down. That mainly being rising wedges indicating a move up that’s becoming overextended, and then being turned away at heavy resistence. That’s not to say it can’t keep going up, but I personally wouldn’t trade on that idea


But you can not have 1 wedge rise above another :sunglasses:


There’s a difference between being bearish on crypto vs. flat out not liking it or understanding it because it’s counter to some strong underlying internal beliefs.

It’s like Warren Buffet saying bitcoin is going to zero. He’s not saying this based on his analysis of the charts or the fundamental news. He wants it to go to zero because he genuinely does not like bitcoin.

There’s no point in debating with people who are firmly grounded in this position against bitcoin.



Let’s say it manages to creep up, unless it implulses really hard up, it would form a really big bear flag


ah, the zero logic ones.
i really cant see a strong debate against bitcoin.
Its slower, yeah, hasnt been hacked…decentralized, but big money is looking at bitcoin. Not NEO, Monero…but bitcoin.

That has to count for something that one cant ignore. Big money acceptance is going to make way for everything else most likely and the haters just have to accept that.

I just dont see anyone toppling BTC currently and near future either.

*wanted to add BTC does not have any smart contracts built in either. I heard it can be a point used to compromise the crypto that uses it tho.


Potentially really good news. BTC is forming a golden cross on the 4 hour chart. That combined with the fact that it has broken the down trend a week or so ago shifts the odds in favor of the bulls.
As you can see, the death cross happened back on May 15th and took us from 8700 down to 5700. Let’s see if the golden cross can do the same in reverse.


Ohhh, talk dirty more big boy


I dunno about them death/golden crosses. I haven’t seen a lot of consistent behavior in them enough to support banking on them in cryptoland. On the other hand, I see four straight bear flags that broke down with the bottom uptrend being the fifth bear flag and I’m not quite ready to throw caution to the wind. :slight_smile:

Here’s to hoping, though! Eventually we gotta turn the corner and I do see more and more spurious, yet still inconsistent activity in the trading markets.


Just my observation. Not investment advice. This game is all about probabilities. There are no certainties.
On a different note though, Goldman Sachs reported an uptick in institutional money coming in via their crypto exchange Circle. Supposedly they saw a 30% increase in May. My understanding is that since it is OTC, the volume won’t be reflected on platforms like coinmarket cap or tradingview.


There’s a death cross on the monthly Bitcoin chart, but on the weekly everything looks ready for upwards momentum. It’s really hard to base trades off of MACD alone.


Lets secure another coin how bout it guy?!! :cow:


Whales playing pump and dump on the 6k range with the retail investors footing the bill. When people mumur ‘no mas’, 5k will probably be the next dumping ground.


They jacked it to 6800 last night with a big candle then dumped, it seems clear what letorres just said is correct

There is never any real volume to catch it and take it higher

They are ass raping “buy the dip” retards