Bitcoin Price Thread



I just cant get sooo excited over a 300 point move… :scream:
last week …never traded and never DCA first time in a year…
Bitcoin is dead for sure…

Until today… called in to see my Mum and she is lecturing me on how important is crypto… :joy:

I will buy the dip later,Mums over rule Doc…always… :wink:


Would have been healthier if we dipped sharper in March/April to 4-5K range instead of being artificially propped up the way it is now. IMO there was more money out of the market that wanted back in then, but not at the ~6K level. Now they’re waiting like vultures watching everyone slowly wither away. The market will play right into their hands. Current volume is probably not enough to sustain this level. We need more buyers instead of the same stale $50-100B moving in and out of the market. Unfortunately the only way to entice money back will be cheaper prices. No pain no gain. :wink:


Bitcoin is still boring :wink:


Maybe i will try something different. Btc chart when it takes off for 50k end of year
:rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


Too late mate…

Its all over I am Pawning my coin…

My borrowing power is worrying… :rofl:


But Wall Street is coming and they are going to pay silly over valued prices for worthless projects created in a weekend in pyjamas


Man from dystopian future says get 0.01 btc and you’re set for life


What u said exactly "…


Are we headed back to 5700? :thinking:


@leetorres U THA MAN!


Nah. We are heading to 7k ppl.


You always got to listen to your mum scraggy she knows best mate, dips are not just for nachos they are there to be bought. Fingers crossed for later when as you know its coming home…:+1::sunglasses:


Maybe we are headed to 7k these people think there might be a chance with inverse head & shoulders patterns showing on their chart. I know nothing of TA but have read coindesk since its started out & I think some of their people know what they are talking about some of the time.

Head & Shoulders


Actually you’re right it is an inverse head and shoulder pattern on the 4 hour chart. Based on this we should go up to 7700! Buy now!! (not investment advice, jmo)


There’s plenty of sell left in this. If it manages to creep up, it would need to move past the neckline to validate it eg 6.8k dumping zone



Many H&S patterns have not played out on BTC. Wouldn’t be surprised if this one was any different.


Seems like we’re dropping again. Probably going to test that $6000 range soon. It’s held the last few times but I feel less confident this time.


There’s plenty of space on the daily rsi to take this to 5.7k. It will probably consolidate for a few days again to clear up space on the 4hr rsi before pushing down.

I’m expecting retail investors to pile in like lemmings, waiting for a bounce. Consolidation in a dowtrend does not signal safety


6k will hold. I’m smell fear which makes me ever more bullish than ever. Time to load up the boat :speedboat: