Bitcoin Price Thread



I’ve posted a couple weeks ago that the long term down trend that was in force since January has been broken and I consider that to be very significant. Yes, we need some follow through now on the upside. I would like to see prices go to above 6800 where the approximate neckline on the reverse head and shoulder pattern is. If that happens, it will be another confirmation that we have started a new bull run.
And like a mentioned previously, if the price falls below 6k, all bets are off.


:rofl: crypto is so not going anywhere down! Price ?.. i love the cheap prices! yes there cheap to me. can it go down more? it doesnt matter IMO. Stack it now! So much positive news!!! OMG! its not scammers! People do you understand what is coming! it could be in three weeks or a year(my guess very soon) but it willlllll happen! this tech will never die, go away, be uninvented, be banned, be killed. i dont post much but damn its tough to see some people getting all worked up over bitcoin moving up or down 1-2k. bottom line is its gonna blow and the people that are just chillin, collecting more, accumulating when they can, not worring about if they made 2-$500 in a day because there portfollio went up 5%. my payday is gonna be one grand day! i cant do the follow charts and trade everyday. why? cause it dont matter to me to collect a few hundred here or there. i could ramble on forever why crypto is so fucking bullish even now. to me it has been. even in the so called bear years. nope! not to me. big picture is a big fucking bull. quit looking at the price and see whats coming down the pipline! stay strong pubbers :call_me_hand:t5::muscle:t5:


Haha no brother I don’t pay. Many leak his report anyway so it’s all good. I don’t like Xrp either so I’m gonna pass on that one too.

You should try to consider the positive potential in this space mate it’ll do you good. Surely the bears can’t be the only ones that will be right?


Bears will tell you BTC is going to negative numbers . They also think bitcoin cash is the real bitcoin.


Nuf said, Torres is a bull in bears clothes. So all the negativity is to help make people sell so you can fill your bags as cheaply as possible.
Respect :fist::joy:


lol, your some guy :+1:
so why would you accumulate?


One man’s rubble is another man’s Ruble :thinking:


Coinbase will do what ever they have to to get anyone including you to buy and create transaction fees. Without fees there ass go broke. Business is a dog eat dog world.


Are you going to accumulate when it is skyrocketing? :smile:


Coinbase is done. They’re now scrambling to get new coins listed. Too many alternatives coming. Competition is going to be fierce in this segment (fiat on / off ramps).
I think they should sell off to Facebook if they want to really stay on top.


List ICX first tho!


Bullish idea. Max Keiser has also been discussing this point. The miners dictate the market more than the users do? :thinking:

When miners pump?

Despite Bitcoin’s 2018 price slump, the dominant cryptocurrency’s hash rate continues to surge at an astonishing pace. Although the value of Bitcoin has decreased by 53% since January 1st, 2018, the hash rate has increased 155% in the same time period.

The continued growth in hash power demonstrates a strong, continued belief in Bitcoin by miners worldwide and may foreshadow a hidden bullish trend.

While both Bitcoin’s price(green) and Bitcoin’s hash rate(blue) grew in 2017, the hash rate has continued to grow in 2018 while the price has dropped.
Hash Rate Explained
In simple terms, mining is the process of running complex calculations in search of a specific number. In a race to find the number first, mining hardware is used to run through as many calculations possible to secure the block reward, currently at 12.5 BTC per block.

The current hash rate of BTC is 38 EH/s which is 38,000,000,000,000,000,000 h/s or 38 billion trillion hashes per second.
Each calculation attempt to solve the computation is known as a “hash” and the “hash rate” is computed in hashes per second(h/s).

ASICs (application specific integrated circuits) have become the sole mining hardware used to mine Bitcoin due to their increased hash rate ability and higher energy efficiency. One ASIC has a mining power of approximately 12 tera-hashes per second. For comparison, in 2013, the total hash rate of the Bitcoin network on April 29, 2013, was 79.02 Th/s.

Growing Number of Miners
The hash rate of Bitcoin continues to hike at a rapid pace, indicating a growing number of Bitcoin miners. So far in 2018, it has grown 155%, from 15.04 Eh/s to 38.43 Eh/s.

One possible explanation for the increase in hash rate is Bitcoin’s value. Although Bitcoin has lost a lot of value in 2018, the block reward of 12.5 Bitcoin is still worth over $78,000 today. At Bitcoin’s peak, a single block was worth almost a quarter million dollars and miners may view the current market as a way to accumulate more Bitcoin at lower prices.

Another possibility explaining the increase in hash rate could be upcoming Bitcoin “halvening,” estimated to occur around May 25, 2020. With the reward set to decrease from 12.5 BTC per block to 6.25 per block, miners may be trying to accumulate as much Bitcoin possible, before difficulty further increases and rewards decrease. The price of BTC at the time of the last two halvenings were $660 and $12 in 2016 and 2012, respectively.

One interesting thing to note in the increase of hash rate is the contribution of hash power outside of the world’s biggest mining pools. This is beneficial to the Bitcoin network as it makes the power of mining less concentrated.


Fucking hell mate…you do talk some shite every now and again… :joy:
Peter crying!!???
Ha ha… not a snowflake in hells chance… that video has as much chance as BTC capitulation…
and Im sure most pubgoers will be here DCA’ ing and enjoying life too…
Happy shorting fella… :bitrocket:


I too like to live dangerously.


Me too I’m loading the boat up as we speak I’m becoming so bullish now people are starting to crumble. ETF next month is going to make bitcoin pump like it’s on viagra


If the SolidX Bitcoin Shares ETF is approved August 10th, it will likely catalyze a massive explosion of the Bitcoin price – and with it, the cryptocurrency space in general…

Your not falling for all this fomo malarky, Sparky?? :wink:


That would be a miracle.


I was pulling his old leg mate…

As for an ETF… I find the proposal to alter the ease in which ETFs are formed as a great sign, like I posted earlier in this thread… I think a stable BTC is helping the process,its definely on for this year.

always bullish me mate tho… so not advice… :beer:


Is BTC on the last part of the support & resistances convergence? just an idea

August could be the begining of something either spectacular or bloody :beetconnect:


Or both? :rocket: :chart_with_downwards_trend: