Bitcoin Price Thread



The more that whales play pump and dump here, the greater chance for a massive dump to 5k, like a slipping down a giant waterpark slide


Make sure to tighten up your bikini straps then so as not to expose your assets when your on that slide.:+1::joy:


@Sparky_84 is bullish on bitcoin?!



Bulltrap from sparky :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Is that you mate in the gif :joy:


Nah,Spark has been following BigPippin… A proper TA Guru…

If your holding Litecoin or Ripple…your pretty much fucked… :joy:


Found this to be an interesting article with suprising information.

Edit: If I look at the Nikkei 225 Futures chart and overlay it on the Bitcoin/USDT chart, there is a surprising correlation.

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I have this working hypothesis (and I’m still collecting and compiling data)…

…when people get rekt’d on the short market and it’s a significant amount of money, then not only does BItcoin go up, but so does nearly every ALT coin. And that just happened a few minutes ago.

Bitcoin shorts collapse:

Bitcoin’s price spikes:

This is one consecutive chart in my watch list after another…last few candles pretty much same (on a 15 minute timeframe):

So what I think happens: BitMEX rekts them shorts, then they dump a bunch of alts to drive down price, then they buy 'em all up. Some coins dip noticeably while others (mostly those already on an uptrend) hardly bulge. But one thing’s certain, they all spike at exact same candle


100000000000000% agree with this! And i think many other trades would agree. Brilliant post.


Trend analysis

interesting area for trend support and resistance right now. If we look to the left of the image on the 29th of june, to where we are now, and compare the trending between the bottom green line, and the next organge line up, we can see that the resistance we hit on the 29th before becoming bullish, is replicating similar movement to where we are now.
Also, on the 29th we hit resistance with some sidways movement and broke up.
On the 10th to the 12th of this month, we hit resistance with sidways movement; but broke down.
So there is really a key area of interest right now; especially as we had two candles drop below that green trend support.


Can this be reported to the SEC?


What in particular in relation to the SEC?


The manipulation between the futures/Alts in order to liquidate the futures.


Isn’t it the SEC doing it?

I think they already know :stuck_out_tongue:

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de-regulation my brother, so no


Are we looking at a partial decline rectangle on the 4 hour mate?


Man I didn’t think I was going bearish around here but I do belive we are heading down to 5k. I went USDT from 6500 to 5,1k. See you on the moon friends.


Bear pressure is pretty strong. Unless the whales pump it, i’m pretty ready to say sionara to 6.8k for a long time

Bear flag forming on the weekly, doesn’t get anymore bearish than it forming on longer time frames


How long until 6.8k again Lee? And would you be willing to bet on it?


i bet by placing shorts