Bitcoin Price Thread



Dat crypto lyf :v:t3:


rich and poor at the same time?


I always found it strange that they were the first movers to their space and yet they are behind some of the newer players like Robinhood when it comes to actual coin listings. I welcome the competition. I really can’t stand CB and their fees.


Gorilla mode? Whats that😀


Damn bro I don’t know which FUD station you’re tuned into but it’s time to change that shit. I get the low volume but market sentiment is very optimistic. Even during these negative price actions there are a lot of optimism for the future of crypto!

One place to look in right here in the world famous bitcoin pub… We are going no where :sunglasses:


Not seeing the increased volume on the pole?

From stockcharts:-

Volume should be heavy during the advance or decline that forms the flagpole. Heavy volume provides legitimacy for the sudden and sharp move that creates the flagpole. An expansion of volume on the resistance (support) break lends credence to the validity of the formation and the likelihood of continuation.


Good, I hope you are right. This would be just in time to load up before the ETF anouncement.


Time to load up is now bull mode is around the corner


Ur wrong on this one mate. That’s not a bear flag. Accumulation is now. 4th Elliot wave inbound with a etf and so much good news. People are to bearish now so it’s time for bull


Sentiment is optimistic and that’s rising not declining. Sentiment has been low for a month or two but that’s changing as we speak.


Ur going to be a burnt bear as u think this is a bull trap it’s not


Crypto trader the man that called the bottom on cnbc now says a bull run is coming.
Everyone is bearish so I’m turning bullish. This is the accumulation area


Understood, but that buy volume will turn on a dime with the announcement of an etf. Even if the implementation is next year.


I can’t comment on the volume. I’m no TA expert so wouldn’t be able to answer why.

However, I can say sentiment is good, hopeful yes but realistically optimistic is a better description.

One thing you can be sure of big bear, if they’ve held their position this long they’re going no where.


When the bears are fighting it’s gotta be a great time to buy :popcorn:



Torres rescuing little bear from the positive side!


Anyone and everyone will pump it. Shit Id sell some of my small alts holdings for some btc and you’ll know the big dawgs will have a good go at this.

But I bet once it’s announced you’ll tell us how you closed your shorts and went long instead… :sweat_smile:


There are at least as many investors closely watching this market as there was this time last year. All just waiting for a sign.


Why are you thinking futures is bad for bitcoin and etfs bad for crypto?

I think we need to look at this as a natural evolution.

Do I wish that ETFs and futures never existed? So do I.

But they are a reality of our terrible markets…
So I look at the inevitable as something we can use…



Ah I see…
Well, for the few who can “see” the future… we act accordingly.

I believe that crypto will go the way of traditional markets…