Bitcoin Price Thread



Yes, I wasn’t killing it but was keeping my head above the water level. However it was either start hodling or quit crypto or quit my job. My job pays more and I didn’t want to quit crypto so I became a hodler for the most part.


Oh I’m definitely exposed to the market (low-caps (highest %), cash and btc), I couldn’t sell most of my current illiquid positions if I tried :joy: But always have powder on the side

I’m ‘lucky’ in that a lot of my positions outperformed over the past few months (Quant at $0.16-$0.24), OCN full-scale out on pump, etc; sometimes it’s better to take what is given to you, and even in a quote unquote ‘bear market’, your own individual portfolio can do quite well.


Sorry Scraggy for the delayed response but Amazon has fallen down on the job. My overnight delivery of the “Crazy Ass Gaelic Translations” book is a no show.

I will get back to you,




Channel seems to continue to be in the game.


IMO we are due a little relief rally from the 3000s, or at least a pause to allow the 10ema to catch up on the daily.


Bearish triangle in play on the 5m. Not looking good short term. $3k later this week?


That image is misleading, as the “pennant” diagram is actually wrong. A pennant should have higher lows and lower highs, and form a conical shape like the symmetrical triangle.

What I was showing was a clear descending triangle, which even after a move upward, is a bearish pattern.

My chart was on Coinbase though, and after looking at the other exchanges, the triangle is invalid (and instead is showing a flag), so you will likely be right. :slight_smile:


So TA experts:
Are we going up from here or heading down below 3K?


I found this guys take interesting


Hopefully see a measured move up here, then a right shoulder :crossed_fingers: not confident where we go after that, currently I’d suggest down again to test 3k but we’d be closer to a test of 6k which is going to be a hard nut to crack.

or we could shit the bed again and continue down to 3k


Maybe a small run up to Christmas and then a sell off again. People wanting to cash in for some extra cash


Screw Christmas, telling my wife and kids that Christmas has been cancelled by the bears. They’re getting Bitcoin instead. LoL


It’s all a lie anyway. Just a holiday stole from the pagans :smirk: I’m gonna get wasted dance round a fire and smash up my town like they did in the old days on the winter solstice!!


what scares me more is that january is around the corner and year over year over year no matter whats happening with bitcoin it tanks in january hard.


I don’t mind picking up BTC from the mud.

Eitherway I can see it droppin down to ~2-3k, don’t You ?



I’d like to see that


I don’t have the energy right now to convince anyone but I feel some duty to this thread as it has helped me in past…

Craig Wright has been labelled a fraud by the forces he threatens. And he is a bit of a dick too.

Ask yourself why you feel so negative towards him. Has your thinking been influenced by memes and false narratives.

Here is his recent thinking

Here is his security qualifications from 2008

I no longer believe BTC is the rocket ship… it’s still on wave 3 heading down… heading well below the 10year trend line…while BCHSV is mooning. Don’t miss out because of fixed thinking.


Be a pump and dump. People trying to make money in this market.


Guys control FOMO if we see another dip, this is just the 2nd week since BTC broke the 8 month old support of 6k, we could be in this low area for a while.


Anticipating a rounded bottom recovery with a few capitulation candles and long wicks rather than “V” shape. I’m with @leetorres in that there’s no rush to buy the bottom, it will be a long consolidation and accumulation phase.