Bitcoin Price Thread



when walking backwards with bloody stumps where my feet used to be


BTC at $20,000

“I will buy here, can’t wait until we hit $100k!!!”

BTC at $3,000

“I will wait, maybe start to dca once we drop below $2k, it’s too risky”


I like his general idea, but I don’t think we wait until mid-2021 to match previous highs. 31 months from now in crypto might as well be a different universe.


That´s because at 20k the price was only fueled by hype. Now people realise this is a very speculative asset that could go to 10, combined with human psychology of wanting to buy high sell low xD


This actually reminds me

"Godel" at 7k

Lee at 3k

Where’s your 100 eoy icx


:rofl: that post didn’t aged well … :man_shrugging:t2:


My price predictions for 2018 will undoubtedly age poorly; as will many others in the space who presumed the hype cycle would continue into 2018 along with the fundamental catalysts; but I don’t allow the timing of the hype cycle to define my earlier predictions on a reasoned basis, they will all still occur.

No doubt a little meme slinging in the mean time will help the time pass. If we can change the “Where’s” to a “Here’s”, and not addressed at lee in particular, but to the greater retail investment community: "Here’s your $3k bitcoin, are you buying?"


Sometimes life is enough much of a rollarcoaster. My thoughts and blessings to you. Take care of yourself! :hearts:


I’ve been thinking about that as well… a disturbing thought…


When fear is high, you buy.


sold some employee stock and just added a couple more bitcoin. Merry Christmas to me!


How Fear & Greed Index is calculated?
Is the index based on price or price is based on the index?


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Sometimes people visit the pub not because they are into Crypto…


This still has a long way from bottoming, it still looks like its consolidating. Bottom is in when it plays dead and most have walked away

Problem with these fake rallies is related to the greater fools theory. Btc needs fresh fools. The current batch of old fools, maybe only 40% of them are being fooled into buying in. Thats too high, bottom is in when the old fools have wisened up or they have walked away



Is that what happened with every other bottom previously?


Thats what 2014-2015 did, according to those that were there. Or more accurately, people stopped talking about btc and there was very little talk about what would cause the next bull run


Essentially what we are going to do is buy bitcoin cheap, let the price run up and let all the newbies get rekt when we take profits?


What’s going to cause the next bubble in bitcoin price? People weren’t buying bitcoin for 3, 4 or 5X their money in bitcoin. They were buying bitcoin to 100 - 1000X their money in ICOs and alt coins. I don’t think institutions are going to be looking at dropping big amounts of money into this market (specifically bitcoin) in the short term because they know retail investors are angry and hurt holding bags, ready to dump.