Bitcoin Price Thread



I need to learn how to write better dangit.


im sorry, what was that I missed?


sold it all at 3600 trying to load up on that 1k hype then bam, the 4k pamp


We have seen a 50% drop in 2weeks, this is just a 5% bounce, if bulls get over 12EMA then there is a real fight.


People are now liking the fact that it’s dropping but be careful how deep you jump on the downtrend.

Just look at what major institutional investment funds and firms are doing, with respect to cryptocurrency, currently.

Fidelity just made it easier for hedge funds and other pros to invest in cryptocurrencies

Major Milestone: There Are Now More than 300 Cryptocurrency Funds

NYSE Operator’s Bakkt Confirms End of January Launch Date For Digital Assets Platform

Goldman Sachs-backed start-up Circle introducing a crypto version of the US dollar

Bitcoin Investment Trust Creator Adding $10 Million in New Investments Every Week

As ICOs falter, crypto hedge funds approach $5 billion in assets » Brave New Coin

$1 Billion Blockchain Fund Launches with Chinese Government Backing - CoinDesk

Institutional Capital Set to Pour Into Cryptocurrencies

Nasdaq is open to becoming cryptocurrency exchange, CEO says

Strong Demand: Crypto Hedge Funds are Still Raising $100 Million+

Venture Capital Investment in Blockchain and Crypto Up 280% in 2018, Report Shows

World’s Largest Crypto Exchange Binance ‘Expects’ 2018 Profits up to $1 Billion

…… to name just a few.


@Lennytrader Your gonna need some of this,

Good luck out there bro, we’re fucking surrounded :crossed_fingers:


Its like he’s saying:

“So you’re robbing me? Well go ahead, see if I care.”



I think we all said all the way “don’t put in money you’re not prepared to lose” so I’m not bothered either way.

I got in when BTC was at $3 and got out when it was at $50. Then got in when ETC was at $18 and it’s still way up from there - so it’s all good.

I’m into crypto for many reasons, so the financial ones I’m happy to make long term rather than caring about the prices every day.


You cant fight the Bear jizz with a simple bottle of repelent :rollsafe:

:rofl: :man_shrugging:t2:


Anyone have that Vince Mcmahon bitcoin chart gif?


Seems BTC wants to test the 4.5k - 0.786 fib lvl, could this be the 3-4 EW leg?


I think its the smart money moving in to drive it higher before crashing it down to 3k again. I am sure this is not the last time this is going to happen.

If you look at the smart money series through the fantasy trading site they go into this theory, The current level fits exactly in with the fib retracement off the major dip last week.



yes, I’m still confident this can be the 3-4 EW stretch, many others will use the first price increase to get the F out of this market, creating the 4-5 wave and potential bottom.


Possible Scenario ?

The lower line is a clone of the one inside the head, though it seems bigger due to LOG scale.


But what do I know :man_shrugging:


I am constantly on the edge of my seat these days for @Danosaurs’s updates :100:


At this situation of the market. I’d say that could be the HnS pattern. But who know, it’s a bloody cryptomarket :sweat_smile:


if i get rich on bitcoin im going to sell it, become a TA expert then call for 1k BTC so I can buy back in


Thank you my friend! :heart:

If this is a real bull run with some legs it will:

  1. Last over 24 hours
  2. Bounce off major moving averages on its way higher. EMA12 for hourly right now is $4,042

This is a welcomed relief rally upwards for bitcoin and other alts! I would say though do not FOMO into a position here, give it 24 hours if you’re after a position (unless you’re confident trading this).

Here is one setup I have noted if you would like a bullish scenario short term: $4200 NEEDS to go down first.


Bulltrap ? Damn my fiat was ready for 3k btc