Bitcoin Price Thread





Bitcoin for the win. whatever the fuck u think.


lets wrap this up. says bloomberg


Only one? Well that’s awfully optimistic then.


As bullish as I am on bitcoin in the century timeframe

You are saying “not probable”
I am thinking, Highly Probably - that we will see sub 1000 price.




It’s the people like the ones behind bitcoin cash that are harming the market and engaging in childish arguments and “hashwars” to the detriment of the larger crypto community. Until such people either fade away or grow up, we won’t see an approval of an ETF in the USA.


That is the nature of such an early stage of this market, big money players do not like the fact that there are individuals with thousands of BTC and can control and/or manipulate price at their will … we just need to survive.


We are going to do more than that @Manuel_Villarreal… we will be going to moon and back again for more. We have the ability to change the world.


The price is sliding again. I am strong and accumulating. Still wish the price would start working it’s way back up.
This bear market is real.


Tom Lee was recently asked how he feels BAKKT will impact the price of BTC. His reply was roughly that, “BAKKT won’t bring institutional investors in over night. BTC first needs to recover to its 200 day moving average (currently around $7k). Once this happens, then institutional money will flood the market.”

As BTC stays in the lower price ranges, the 200MA will drop. However, we will need to see a trend reversal if we are ever to climb back up to the 200MA.

So it’s possible that BAKKT won’t help us in January, and probable that the Van Eck ETF won’t get approved in February. I hope everyone is in this for the long game v


denied! haha alsdkjflkajd f



of course it is on its way to 0 because it is going down, the same way that it is going to 100 000 if it goes up


If I were Tom Lee or Mike Novogratz I’d be going into hiding for a few years :sweat_smile:

So what Tom is really saying is institutional investors ARE buying bitcoin here, so that when retail pumps the price to the 200 day SMA they will again dump and then say “institutional investors just didn’t want to buy to push the price over”. :elrisitaslaugh:


Just as bull markets don’t last forever, bear markets won’t either.


Volume is sustaining pretty decent levels. Still bullish here on the short term (4-8 weeks).


PUUUUUUB fam, who’s up for a drink after this exciting day, wow i need one haha!

Here is my technical analysis video explaining the theory from my trades of today. Hope this helps you out and can learn from it, feel free to DM or ask any questions if you would like to learn more!


I just wrote an article about this BS. As soon as the editors over on SA approve it I’ll share here.

Title “Why Blockchain Technology Is The Future,” or (A/B testing this) “Wake up and smell the Bitcoin.”


Has any one talked about this?