Bitcoin Price Thread



I’ve been hearing about Tether being shady AF since I joined the crypto comunity and recently if it goes under it could be Mt.Gox 2.0, lots of people know about it.




Same old shit. No one is talking about it now because we’re all so sick of talking about it for the last year straight.

Tether is quickly losing its footing. Another few months and it will have a reduced circulating supply, and will be replaced by other stable coins.



Stopped watching at “fundamentals are irrelevant.” This is a terrible misconception.




I am by no means a TA expert and consider myself a beginner trader…

:thinking: seeing a lot of charts zoomed in to hourly and 15 minute time frames with single digit % ranges plotted.The 69 (:megusta:) days of bitcoin trading in a 2% range are over. Time to zoom out to the weekly or monthly if you want to make more than 5%.


The only fundamentals that matter is if new money is coming in


Bear diet is important too :man_shrugging:t2: :joy:


Woke up at the right time this morning to trade the Symmetrical triangle pattern that had formed overnight. Now sat in a short position because we’re hitting big resistances, stops set just aove 0.786.






Dont get too excited. I think it will be dumping either Monday or Tuesday next week.



I get excited by crashes, because that means I can buy more at a discount. We need to flip our thinking people, you make your money when you buy. The gains are realized when you sell.

Learn to love bear markets, they’re like the rainy days the plants need to grow =]


:man_shrugging:t2: :chart_with_downwards_trend: :beetconnect:

Using FIB extension …


Interesting…How are you playing things right now @Manuel_Villarreal?


just watching the markets, BTC correction cycle is in progress :+1:t2:

stay safe, dont FOMO.


Yeah me too, looks like market has found some kind of support for the meantime. What are your thoughts on another leg down? I think it’s still likely we can retest 0.236 level and below…

Currently in tether, looking to get back into ICX. Got a buy order set for 0.24c. Think it can get there sometime soon…

You out the market too currently mate?


i;d scale down to lower price targets, next leg down could be crazy


Is that how your’e playing it? I’m really hoping we can get down around the 3k range, Iv’e got buy orders in for 24c and below. I just can’t see this 1k BTC everyone is hoping for. If we get anywhere close to that it will be swallowed up like candy.

Very easy to FOMO in right now, and if i wasn’t a season campaigner in this space i might have done so.

The chart you posted how long until we hit those resistance lines on the flag?