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Bitcoin Technical Analysis. I cover my BTC Elliott Wave count which is going VERY well and the theory behind my trades! I do think we are on a 5th wave down here, lets see what the next 24 hours gives us, hope you’re all well pub fam!


seems like bitcoin is still unstable. let’s see what will happen until the finish of this month (how much will go down is the question we are asking ourselves :sweat_smile:)


Lets cheer BTC thread with another POLL ! :rofl: :joy:

BTC bottom price before reversal?

  • 3k - 3.49k
  • 2.5k - 2.99k
  • 2k - 2.49k
  • 1.5k - 1.99k
  • Sub 1.49k

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I see what you did there @kryptokenzie :joy: :arthur: :beetconnect:





Interesting view kenzie, if BTC drops and a wick pierces the support you drew like it did in 2014, it could go to a theoretical 1.65k ish BTC which I could support by the good ole bear flag pole > projection too and/or FIB extension. But … that’d be a 90% drop~ from this last Dec ATH :thinking: :scream:


Yellow line is the ATH of the previous rally back in Nov 2013.


My outlook is that the bottom will be in when price bounce(s) off this trend line with a weekly red volume bar that exceeds all 2017/2018 weekly volume bars (which will define capitulation). The ugly part is that I think that this bounce is still many weeks out. The beautiful part is that our maximum financial opportunity/entry for the next bull cycle is still on the horizon.


Clearly, everything is done to mislead the second and third classes of a ship that will sink and this, the time to allow the first classes to board the boats too small to save all passengers. It does not remind you of anything?


I have finally gone bearish.
I bought in at 7k and have been dca all the way the down. I will want to vomit in my mouth if we hit $1.5k BTC.
On the upside I hit BTC goal, with the prices falling.
If $1.5k BTC has to happen to kick off a legendary bull run. Then let happen, I want this crypto winter to end.


I love your honesty and how you arent ever a passive aggressive bitch cuz yer mad about the pain and lashing out, kudos


us in 2018



I think in more like this …


Some decent volatility going on right now! Who’s scalping here? :smiley:


@leetorres @Sparky_84

Accurate :joy:



I pulled 17% off of my BNB position -just in time too, lol.


Does anyone know a way to graph two coins against each other? Like how you can find almost anything in satoshis? Is there a way to pick any two coins instead of just bitcoin, ethereum or usd in relation to a coin?



and this is not the final price … yet :beetconnect:


I should’ve SODL instead of HODL :disappointed_relieved:


Yeah something big is brewing I sense it!