Bitcoin Price Thread



Final price will be 1,000,000!


I think it’s going lower. Only when I have nearly had enough will it be ready for thinking it might be going up. I am thinking that it will be 2020. Be in it to win it. HODL for your life dont miss out on this great period. Accumulate as much as you can.

Crypto is here to help us. If your mindset is “getting crypto” recognise the most amazing opportunity this offers.

Hodl that Coin. Be Strong, Be Sure and keep on trucking!!! Dont give up the struggle!!



Here is what i see happening to BTC at the moment, finding resistance at 0.318 fib level from top of wave 5. It will be a tough fights, but i believe bears will win and we hit the 2.618 fib extension :smiley: Hope this helps you all pub fam forever!



According to the FIB fan and extension, BTC should hit the 0.618 fib point of the projection to the downtrend in Jan 12 2019 APROX. That could be the first bottom IMO. :beetconnect: :thinking: :chart_with_downwards_trend: :man_shrugging:t2:

oh and BTW … did you guys notice what I just posted with the 2014 first bottom?

This is NOT financial advice, DYOR, I don’t know what I just said. :crazy_face:


When golden cross?



BTC will finish 2018

  • Higher than $5.5K
  • $4.5K - $5.5K
  • $3.5K - $4.5K
  • $2.5K - $3.5K
  • $1.5K - $2.5K
  • Less than $1.5K

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Sometime in the second half of 2019.


The market exists to simultaneously make as many people look foolish as possible, and all you fools clustered at that price range are the most likely to be wrong.


Down we go. Here comes $3K.


Looks like the “real bitcoin” (Bitcoin SV) is born during the crisis and it is raising up.
Getting very close to over take BCH.




Roger is going to be pissed. Would be good to go long on BCHABC soon.


Just assume…if BSV continues to go up be the #1 market cap, beats BTC.
Then what happens?


Next 24 hours are going to be brutal.


good bye moon


Tether is up, gents! Things are looking good!



I’m getting REKT with all of these double digit Alt drops. Fuq me! I’ve finally found my breaking point. I pray this is the short squeeze/capitulation we’ve been waiting for. Although, sadly, I don’t think it is. I think I need to walk away from crypto for a while.


The nastiest drop from BTC has not happened yet.


I’m getting RICH with all these double digit Alt gains. Fuq me! I’ve finally found my breaking point. I pray my boss will forgive me for putting my notice in tomorrow, this is the parabola we have been waiting for. Although, happily, I don’t think it will end here. I think I need to take profits and treat myself to a nice 2 week trip somewhere, I’ve always wanted to go to Thailand.

Use this reverse psychology to remind yourself of how you will feel during the bull-run. Now realize that the only thing holding you from achieving your goals is your own mindset.


This assumes another bull-run, of course :wink: