Bitcoin Price Thread



No it won’t…this isn’t a big deal. It’s normal. If one is angry, what did they expect? Big gains go to those who embrace the risk. Those who seek to avoid risk, but still want the gains, don’t “deserve” those gains. Ain’t no free lunch here.


Well said I totally agree. I am still insisting on the fact that bitcoin, even in its current form, is as good if not better than gold. And with gold having a market cap of around 8 trillion and BTC sitting at 100 billion, that tells you everything you need to know about how ridiculously negative and and irrational current market sentiment has become.


Yep, BTC is the hardest money ever created. It really is a once in a species event. I just read The Bitcoin Standard…and as it reviews the history of money, BTC is the biggest no-brainer one will ever see, assuming one isn’t blinded by the white noise of “right now.”


I watched Bloomberg today and some nobel laureate in economics was pontificating on bitcoin and blockchain. He said, as usual, that he believes in blockchain but not in bitcoin. Further, he stated that blockchain technology should have a centralized, trusted third party to be in charge. That just shows you how fukking clueless the so called experts and elitist of the current fiat based economic system really are.
Totally insane.


Theres no such thing as gains the word you are looking for is profit, and where this anger you talk of comes in to it is strange to me??? You talk just like a newbie that has no idea of what this space is up against :tipping_hand_man:t2:


We can not have the market dedicated by BTC it simply makes no sense at all 2019 will be the year of the BTC ETF but by then it will be too late the big news in 2019 will be the decoupling from BTC of a number of ALT’s at which point the market will be :fire: Kings come and go, Fiat currency’s come and go, BTC will come and go :raised_hands:t2:


Dude…I’ve been in this a lot longer than you my friend. The only reason I delayed my first purchase till March 2015 is because I set up an account with Mt. Gox in 2013, but it didn’t feel quite right, and I didn’t really know what I needed to know to make a long-term commitment. “Newbies” are overwhelmingly traders…period. How do I know this? Because the vast majority of them go broke eventually, not if, but when. That implies that if they are trading right now, they’ve probably not been around very long. Those that have been around longer are probably dramatically not keeping pace with the market return. I have empirical evidence, what do you have? Or are you just smarter than the market?


And btw…I’m still up 11x on my original purchase, not a single trade of it since. Where you at? As for the “anger,” I was responding to Kryptokenzie’s anger stage comment. Reading the thread would have helped you.



What are capital GAINS taxes? I kid… :grin:


Was planning to buy 1000 EOS yesterday but didn’t…Just looked at prices…damn :smiley:


I wanted to sell all my eos and buy btc but i didn’t pull the trigger yet :joy:


My anger stage comment was more towards what can happen to alt coins if/when BTC truly capitulates, not towards BTC specifically. Most alt coins are already down 95% and it wouldn’t be out of the possibilities that they can collapse another 95% from current lows. I also am in a agreement with @Jacko1988 that BTC shouldn’t dictate the market. If BTC dominance was a non issue there would already have been a decent bull run happening for the rest of the crypto market.


That shit must hurt Keep up the Holding though buddy you’re doing really well & will get it eventually. I’m great “where i’m at” but do you mean in crypto, stocks FX??? Take your pick!!!

If we go off the 2018 year i’m up around 57% on my total portfolio but thats nothing to you with your $2700 dollar BTC GAINS as you call them is it :beetconnect: Top tip profit isn’t profit unless you take it off the table my friend.

Ps, type faster i’m waiting :kissing_heart:


I only manage about $800 million professionally, not quite that much personally, yet. On the personal front, if you wish to do the math on a modest $5k per month DCA since April 1, 2015, go for it. 57% on that cute portfolio of yours is impressive tho bro. keep it up! I’m just messin with you…I’m sure you have it all figured out. Really.


Ooooooo we must have a whale on our hands :rofl:

All words on the internet buddy its meaningless :tipping_hand_man:t2:

You manage 800mill and have no clue when to take profits pull the other one mate :beetconnect: or are you here for the tech???:sleeping:

Must dash but do respond i’ll get back to you soon :kissing_heart:


3643 …then ill consider a long position


I manage 1200M

see how easy is to write numbers here :rofl: :beetconnect:


That’s a big ass cornfield bro :corn: :taco: :ok_hand:


I’d be looking at a short if it bounces that high from here man

Edit: read that wrong :joy: thought you put 3900!