Bitcoin Price Thread



Pretty neutral right now. Closed my short. I hate these shitty consolidation periods,

Just waiting on confirmation on a move before I open a new position.


Guys just a thought.

We have known about bitcoin ETFs getting pushed back etc. But I’m thinking if we are going to make a run to 5k that a few people have mentioned then I think any good news surrounding it will push us to it.

Although as what happened when CMEs were approved, bitcoin dumped. Hard. I’d probably expect a buy the market to be built around ETF approval only for it to dump. Buy the rumour sell the news and all that.


when are etfs expected?


We don’t know. But big money movers will.

Just like they did CMEs would get approval.

Markets get built up by big money to then be dumped on event.


Might not be the case, just wondering if anyone else had any opinion on it.

Change things up from charts lol


I believe the deadline for the Van Eck ETF is around Feb. 27. This is the one that has the best chance of being approved as it is the one with the most protection for the public. However, one of the SEC’s biggest concerns is market manipulation. Given the current price of BTC, this is probably still the case as anyone with enough money can move this market easily.


I’m thinking Russia will have a bigger impact than Van Eck.


I pray everyday for TenX to launch a working product that gets wide adoption


@lordhumungus how do you see Russia impacting BTC?


Because some unreliable news source stated that Russia is gonna buy 10 billion in Bitcoin. Sounds legit :unamused:


I never get the manipulation argument against bitcoin. Every single market is manipulated unfortunately.
The stock exchange is massively rigged


It’s the way the game works. People that are manipulating BTC are only doing it because they have gotten away with it and no bigger whale has stepped in. We gotta take what we can get.


TenX CEO is leaving the company, the cards have not been delivered and 100 million dollars are missing.

He is very sad and crying in this video. Is there champagne and a helo waiting on rooftop? Never know…


I see lots of chatter (still) about the ETF and BAKKT… The ETF and BAKKT hype is annoying at this point, and until it is approved (don’t hold your breath this year) that is all it was and all it is. Pure noise. The less of it, the better.

To the point: The ETF and BAKKT never mattered and those who expect them in 2019 are misjudging… The more you give credence to the decisions surrounding them, the more you are allowing the ‘strings’ to be pulled.

Neither the ETF nor BAKKT are going to play any sort of serious catalyst in the next rally or bull run. They didn’t before, they won’t now. Yes, the ETF and BAKKT may bring more adoption, but are not the end all / be all for BTC. Please help people in this space stop viewing them as the savior. They aren’t.

The government shutdown in the USA presently has about 800,000 “nonessential” government employees suspended and without pay. The SEC is the agency that would approve an ETF, and is one of those agencies that is actually shut down, albeit running a bare-bones skeleton crew during this time. As well, the CFTC, which is the agency that would approve BAAKT and cannot approve it during this time.

The more people can stop being front sight focused on the ETF and BAKKT the sooner things can move forward in this space. :rocket:


Ada made a higher high again today its a nice sign but BTCshorts are back to there lows again and you know what happened last time :rofl:

Place your bets
big move up :chart_with_upwards_trend:
or big move down :chart_with_downwards_trend:

We will know come Friday/Saturday

And don’t forget OTC :rofl:


Lawsuits coming up? Another project that talked big but delivered little.


I’m currently in a short position. ETH has been leading the way and that thing looks like it has nothing left lol



Carlos Matos should be part of the :beetconnect::man_shrugging:t2: