Bitcoin Price Thread



That guy should be donning an orange jump suit by now.
It’s a**holes like that who give the crypto space a very bad name and by extension keep prices and adoption down.


It’s not so much about the manipulations of the markets that I have issues with, it is the outright lies, sever lack of investigations and the continual use of Unnamed Sources by our own Crypto news sources.
I can easily read between the line and pick out the bullshit. Dear God the use of “unnamed soures” is at an all time high in the cryptosphere and that term only means the reporter has no source and that what they write are their own words and at most times are completely unconfirmed.


Yeah that normally is the case. I tend not to read into news unless it’s actually confirmed.

Like this Russia thing. Until it happens then it’s just another Chinese whisper.


It’s true. Putin gonna pump our bags harder than Chinese new year.


Yeah he told me as long as I bring my millions to Russia he’s definitely going to give the green light. Fuckin good lad Vlad :ok_hand:


But Russia is a bear :cold_sweat:





I said they would have a bigger impact than Van Eck, mainly because Russia exists, a Van Eck ETF does not. Just playing the odds.


I don’t think the issue needs to be so black and white. Just because someone brings up ETFs or Bakkt, doesn’t mean that they’re implying that it will be the catalyst for the next bull run.

We’re on a discussion board about crypto, and enjoy discussing issues that pertain to it. Especially issues that may help increase adoption. ETFs and Bakkt are extremely relevant as stepping stones to adoption, and will play a role in contributing (even if it ends up being a small one).

It sucks that it’s annoying to you, but I see good reason to continue to hope for them, and to continue discussing them.


I agree with you more than I disagree, to be sure. In fact I may be wrong and my post is merely my opinion.

But you said it best: Hope. One of the deadliest elements in any market. The other being fear. The sword cuts both ways, hope and fear. I prefer the empirical and quantitative. I have never profited from hope, but greatly have from that which is real.

You certainly have excellent points. Personally I will not be giving any air to the matter of ETF/BAKKT, and I believe if everyone followed suit and focused on more important matters we could see an overwhelming amount of positivity return to the space.


I agree for the most part, . That being said, I also think that this market is so speculative in nature, that a small amount hope is a good thing (so long as it’s kept in check and avoid unreasonable assumption or expectations).

I personally wish there was more technical discussion here on the Pub, but I also understand that casual discussion helps pass the time, and is easier for some people to digest. It actually baffles me sometimes how much more technically inclined the Reddit community is (compared to the Pub), yet also is more prone to moonboys, trolls, and infighting.


Thanks for the money he means.


alright guys, lets draw some lines and shit :slight_smile:


I’ve been looking at lines and triangles since the bottom. All they said was not to buy yet. NEO is nearly double now and ICX is up a whopping 10 cents.


We haven’t had a bottom yet :wink:


Guys I think sparky might have a new alias, been trolling on the sly in other threads


No fancy triangles right now. It’s all about that horizontal resistance at $4100 (Bitstamp) and $4170 (Bitfinex). We’re running out of time to close above this key level, and we’re steadily dropping in volume. Tone has pointed this out this level repeatedly, and I have to agree with him, as it’s a very significant level on the weekly chart.

EDIT: Not bullish or bearish short term. Sort of neutral at this point, as similar to last weeks ascending triangle with the 50d SMA cutting through it, there are conflicting signals that suggests we could move either way. Simply observing at this point.


Longer term I’m looking at playing in this area on the higher frames, shorter frames the moving averages are doing me well.

Best indicator of a move will probably be ETH. Just with all the news surrounding it this week, it’s been the canary In the coal mine so to speak


As long as we are below these moving averages I’ll be keeping my short open