Bitcoin Price Thread



Anyone fancy a separate thread for charts and trading? I feel bad for spamming this one with charts


The title of the discussion is “BTC price thread”. Without TA, it would just be random guessing (rather than poorly educated guessing :joy:). I’d say there is no place more appropriate to post charts than here! :slight_smile:


Sweet man! I do like posting tbh, it’s good to get pointers



This thread would be nothing but absurd accusations and speculations without TA. This is definitely the place for TA.


ADA Still leading the way


Does anyone know the dates for this ethereum ‘fork’ and the date of the block reward reduction for the miners?


Fork is between the 15th and 17th this month, miner rewards I couldn’t say.


isn’t that part of the whole btc discussion?


Interesting RSI resistance since last Sept… could this be the first time it gets breached since then?


Yes. Lol.

So basically in 7.2 days is the day this reduction on block rewards is happening. Now that would bring us right on the Apex of that triangle I have above.

For some reason ETH has been the first indication of the market moving.

Maybe that’s when we will se some price action. Only problem is a symmetrical triangle can go either way :cold_sweat:

I am leaning towards I buy the rumour… sell the news though.


Personally, I don’t think $4K will hold very long if it’s been considering within this range for a decent period of time. Even during bull markets it had to retest lows before moving upwards again. On the bright side, it seems alts are doing their own thing without Bitcoin’s influence, so we may have some sort of alt season.


Pullback to test support of the 50 day sma before moving higher (if a move higher is in the cards).


ETH is just waiting to liquidate some longs lol


Long Squeeze :beetconnect:


Death cross on the hourly



maybe the low was already tested


Triangle showing we are headed back to 3600 . JPEG


xrp about to say bye


maybe a million French will die in a revolution and Paris will be burned to the ground and we can get a pamp to 10k