Bitcoin Price Thread



Hit the bottom of that triangle beautifuly.

Closed my short for now. Need to see how this line holds, we could make a stab back up.


…and there it is…


Anyone trading the alts. Take profits now. Go short.


beautiful :money_mouth_face:


It settled on the 50d SMA, as well as on horizontal support, both of which trump a short term trend line.

Also, in my opinion it’s a terrible idea to short your Alt positions right now. You either should have done it at $4050, or wait and see if this 50d breaks.


Just set your stops about mate, if bitcoin is breaking out this triangle down then it’s back possibly down back to 3300. Risk management is key. Low risk because your stops are set high reward.

How I’ll play it :slightly_smiling_face:


Just abit of clarification on 3300 range. That’s a measured move off the symmetrical triangle.
Could bounce up but I’m covered, and I’ll asses from there, just that volume amount, i would expect a follow up


its not going to 3300…




Course it can lol. Very easily.


But it is isn’t …


Yet. It won’t just drop like that.

It’s not 100% but as that was a symmetrical triangle. A measured move takes you to that number.


Yet… :expressionless::sweat_smile:


3200 isn’t really in the card over the next 5 days


Can’t say for sure man. The bears will decide that lol.


No such thing as bears buddy just people with 8 billion to make even more :man_shrugging:t2: Gotta hand it to them if i had the chance to manipulate i sure as shit would :raised_hands:t2:


100%! It’s probably why we got that huge wick up so they could fill their short positions.


My favorite part was when yesterday’s candle closed and BTC started moving higher on today’s candle. Ignite the FOMO to get traders into longs and others to close their shorts. A whales favorite meal is bull and bear jambalaya.

:whale2: thanks for the feast :ox::teddy_bear:


Before august last year i wouldn’t short BTC from a stupid moral stand point but since then its a weekly occurrence :drevil:


Yeah I had the same view but it’s either get :point_right: :ok_hand: or do the :point_right::ok_hand:. This market is very lucrative with the right mindset.