Bitcoin Price Thread



Welp … it got rejected :beetconnect:

Now … a bounce again or break to the downside?


I think so man. I think this has potential to be a nasty drop. No buying pressure at all



Chill guys, grab a beer and get comfy because this will take some time to play out :beer:


I love a good morning dump. :poop:


Right after the coffee :sunglasses:


and there it is folks, as predicted, 3600


Easy money :slightly_smiling_face:

Closed short. Opened new one with new stops. Could get bounce. Have to see.


Shit’s exciting! Anyone buying back in for the bounce?


Might take a long if we get a decent enough buying pressure :slightly_smiling_face:


I want it to drop even further. No, I’m not sitting on a pile of fiat waiting to get in. No, I’m not a pessimist. No, I don’t want to see people lose their asses even more…

I just want all the “The bottom isn’t in” people to shut the hell up. :sunglasses:


We only say it so people don’t rush and go all in when we have abit of green.

Only giving advice :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll say it…“the bottom is in.” :sunglasses:


This is obviously Russian collusion.




You shall not pass :lightsaber1::lightsaber2:


Damn, if BTC doesn’t test higher time frame moving averages for rejection this bear market is going to be savage as fuuuuuuuu.

Leaning towards a lot of the market smartening up to what is really going on now the whales can’t hide their b.s. moves.



  1. the bottom is in
  2. this time its not climbing back to 4k
  3. headed to 3400
  4. maybe you get a manipulated spike between now and 3400

same old shit, save your triangles


oh really …

:btc: : Hold my beer :beer:



I’m in cash just waiting :money_mouth_face: