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Still short. Don’t see any thing giving an indication of a bounce


Just when I was starting to feel like the markets we’re headed up and I was happy with my new NEO/ICX purchases. Well played crypto, well played.


That’s what these traps are designed to do bud unfortunately :confused:


Yeah, I know. They were small purchases that are now around break even so not too bad. I have been waiting for a second bottom with the majority of my funds.

Just some money I put in to hedge against the markets not dipping again for a while. I was actually feeling like selling my NEO since it was up a lot. I bought my NEO at $7.49 and sold at $.7.70 then rebought at $7.49 and rode it up to $9.50+ without selling. Foolish, foolish.


jup i bought more, i see todays price as discount even if it goes lower


Good little interview


Where are these people getting the idea that OTC trades don’t impact the price? Every market has price equilibrium discovery…and the exchange price vs. the OTC price is subject to arbitrage.


Yeah they do correlate, gaps on those markets usually have an impact on other markets. So yeah I agree with you there


When do you expect to see a golden cross on the BTC daily - 50 day crossing above the 200 day?

  • Q1 2019
  • Q2 2019
  • Q3 2019
  • Q4 2019
  • First half 2020
  • Second half 2020

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Looks like we’re going up or down at this point. Everyone agrees.


I think the idea is that OTC trades are just straight across trades at X price where buying and selling pressure doesn’t effect the price.

If you find someone to give you $50,000 of BTC at a price that’s it, the exchange is done. On an exchange that $50,000 buy order creates a price jump.

One can buy OTC and dump on the exchange market which effects the price. OTC prices run off the exchange prices so there isn’t much price discovery going on there.


OTC prices are negotiated prices between buyers and sellers usually based on average prices from exchanges. So, yeah, OTC transactions won’t move prices on the exchanges. Since the transactions are private, the actual prices won’t be disclosed either. This is where a lot of manipulation comes in. That is why the SEC won’t approve any ETF’s any time soon.



I am seeing some crazy crazy statements. If anyone thinks for one minute the bottom is in… you are disillusioned.

The bottom is not in… be careful and be ready… and be ready for a while… it could be a couple of months for the bottom to be on us.

Do your research on where the bottom is. I have done so and we are no way near the bottom. This is just the start of maybe getting to the bottom.



So what’s the bottom? :thinking:


The bottom will be when I will be thinking of getting out… as it is hurting significantly… with no end in sight… we are still fairly comfortable.

The bottom will be 2200 or less… up to may be 6 months away prehaps… or maybe sooner.



I actually think that we’re at the bottom or very close to it. Let’s compare.

  1. Looking at the 2014-2015 view, we were in a downtrend for roughly 15 months before it bottomed.


  1. If we go to the 2018-2019 view, we can see a similar pattern that could indicate we’re at or near the bottom. We’re at the 12 month mark I believe, so people calling for a $2,500 BTC may be correct, but it should be temporary before hovering around these ranges today.



Just my take. Also, I’m pretty confident in the monthly view since I’ve wanted to deny the upcoming death cross yet it came true :slight_smile: . RIP hopieum


Genesis I agree 100 per cent with what you say above!.. Sorry bud (edited from I dont agree!! - Dozy pillock I am)

We need a sharp move down and back up in a few hours. We havent seen this yet. the bottom is not here… have a look at krown’s cave for his view. I support this and it makes sense.



Reading through your previous post, I believe we’re on the same page. Maybe our thoughts are the same but may be expressed differently?


true… it will mirror what happened in 2014… just the magnitude of where the bottom is… when is debatable.



Pamp it. Let’s drag the bear out as long as possible.