Bitcoin Price Thread




the longer the bear market goes on, enables me more time to get the crash bot working quicker.



Do research on where the bottom is? That’s not really possible. There’s no way to know that, nor is there anyway to know where the top is. You just have to buy what you think is near the bottom and always save money on the side for more buys if it continues lower.

The manipulation is so extreme that were all basically playing roulette. Black is up red is down… double down when it lands on red.


I think that is a bit dramatic… have a look at the video i have posted. Krown does present a logical arguement… appreciate nothing is set in stone…

no one is yet to post a video that adequately argues we have hit the bottom.

No one knows for sure but you are still able to be well informed.


The fact that the majority don’t think we have hit the bottom brings to mind a possibility that we could have hit the bottom. The market is a tool to take money from the masses.


Thats why you never sell your btc.
I know a lot of you guys like to swing trade and … well… just simply trade your btc.

I don’t know how y’all do it.


oh you mean making people think the bottom was in to create a bull trap and dump again like today :joy:


And neither do they.


I want to amend my earlier comment about 3200 not happening. Sentiment is very very negative, so as much as I’d like to stand by the bottom being in, I just can’t with a straight face say that with conviction

if we can stay above 3600 for 5-7 days, I’d be able to reassert that with more confidence - but right now, it feels bad man.

there also seems to be a ton of btc for sale at these lower levels which seems bad

I bought 2 more at 3590x - that was roughly 14 days ago…and now we are back to the same place, but the psychology seems worse


We are going down @cozy … whether its now or later… we are going down…

I have the Crash bot working on BTC… it is uniquely positioned to crash the market!!!



Still short :slightly_smiling_face: Nothibg really giving me any indication of a move up.


Yesterday shows once again, no matter how well an ALT is performing. How many bullish signs there are. Bitcoin is still king. Reigning them back in.



:point_up: why they will never achieve adoption.


One more dip to .786 then moon.


Maybe one day they break free, but who knows :man_shrugging:t3:


ALTS being like …


Craig … we have been talking about this on the pub for ages, we do not need to buy the very very bottom point to make money, yes it’d be nice for maximum profit but leverage your chances too.

We have been talking about bottom behaviors like this:

and that was the 2nd bottom (double bottom) because whales WILL liquidate people who went LONG on the first bottom thinking we’d go to moon right after that, it is manipulation as you mention it, but there are signs of when bottom is in, that is how I see things. :man_shrugging:t2:

We could see a big V shape bottom on the 1-4 hr to see another sign of some bottom.

or use this indicator too

Or to keep it more simple, wait untill BTC makes higher highs and higher lows on the weekly and that is another sign BTC is very bullish and less likely you will loose money if you intend to hodl only.

If you keep buying when btc is still doing lower highs as it has been doing for over a year, you are just catching a falling knife.


Praying to bear Jesus today


Why is everyone so quiet now?

I’'d say BTC is now on a 2nd descending triangle and with some very interesting FIB points too.


Not much price action lol.

I’m still short, keep rejecting the 21 ema on the 1 hour. Getting some fresh death crosses on the 2hr and 3hr.

Volume is low.

If we can get a break up above he 21 I’ll exit my short and look for a re entry :slightly_smiling_face:


Praying for a Bart pump.