Bitcoin Price Thread



it has tu complete the bart dump first … it started at 3.2k and will get there again.


oh now we need a bart custom emoji @john please :rofl:


Just lurking. Not much to add. Here every day :eyes:
Trying to be very patient for buying in. Eyeing end of March beginning of April. Some for watching market and see where it’s going. Some for a good chunk of money to invest with.


I’m just a retail sucker waiting for a week of backfill so the whales can drop the hammer again

3400? 3200?


What is your best reason why Russia et al would NOT use BTC for reserves? Is this one of those things that is so wrong that it’s approaching right from the other side?


the missing btc, creating lack of transparency
lack of consensus that its a worthy asset to back anything
immediate incentive for CIA/NSA / China intelligence to start putting massive resources into hacking and being able to manipulate it


Russia et al buy gold, have been for a while. If the dollar and fiat collapses, gold and silver standard seems the most reasonable action. I don’t think anyone outside of crypto thinks btc is a reasonable choice as a reserve


"In fact, the dollar, which is considered to be the international currency, becomes a risky tool for payments. "

This line makes me draw a different conclusion. Something that can be valued against the dollar, but not correlated, thereby acting as a hedge against it, and work to circumvent sanctions…
An allocation of gold, silver, and a small % in something like BTC would fit this narrative.


Countries like to show what they’re stacking on paper only.


my gut says 3400 by Monday


alessio thinks bottom is around 2800, and that we are close to getting there


my bet is at $2,400- $1,900 :triangular_ruler: :man_shrugging:t2:


my bet is 25 usd sdDFSA


if 1900 is on the table 600 is too


$1,900 is more than 3x the price of $600. Put down the crack pipe.


I cant, you obviously know nothing of crack


The bottom us likely in the region of 2200 to 1800. I think it is unlikely to go lower than 1800. It might fit a very short time.

In the very short term it is in the way back up. Elliot wave theory.


The only chart i’m watching right now its called the double dip midnight snack by Alessio


Looking for that neck and handle next guys buy the chin :rofl::joy::money_mouth_face: we are clearly moving within the trend lines :tipping_hand_man:t2:


Done with trading.

Sent all my bitcoins to the bitcoin fund manager :eyes:




That’s why he’s the best of the best, I wouldn’t have never found that rocket in my TA. :joy: