Bitcoin Price Thread



he is the best, nobody else is calling for blowing past all resistances and beyond 8k…

all the amateurs on here should watch and learn from the master


this video would only be valid if we have hit the bottom… more blood is required.


Yes it is!

We do have a bear flag. We have broke it. Only problem is the lack of volume.

I have my short on btc open still. But I’m not expecting much of a move :sunglasses:


Anyone see any new triangles forming yet? :rofl:

What if the right shoulder on the daily was part of the head. Like an extra little side head. Two heads are better than one right guys?


You will get a move at about 9pm on Sunday night our time @MaxP when volume wakes up.

It will remain like this til then unless someone with lots of bitcoin makes a move over the weekend. ie a manipulator.


Haha I mean Quasimodo has a head and shoulders that looks like that lol


Longs just been liquidated on Bitmex


just looking at krown… and he confirms what I think.




watch krown’s video, he is also quite funny…



The fibs … the extensions … the new triangle projection target … dunno, BTC might be into something :man_shrugging:t2: :triangular_ruler:


BItcoin is like a priest and banks are like demons who have posessed a victim :smiley:


It’s in India’s best interest to avoid BTC as it’s a direct competitor to gold. Gold is one of the only assets that women are legally allowed to own in India. Much of the country’s wealth is held in gold (actual gold -in the owner’s possession).


Banks making it quite apparent that cryptocurrencies are a threat to their system. Either that or they’re finding a way to make the most profit from it before the masses do, which is most likely the case.


If BTC is as useless as some people claim it to be, banks shouldn’t be worried at all right? :rofl: :joy:


in all seriousness banks are not worried and dont feel in any way threatened by BTC, will they casually say negative things to try and help it collapse, sure, but don’t mistake that for any kind of panic on their part



I’d take that with a grain of salt man. The market didn’t mature enough to get a 200 sms unitil 2015 i think.


Absolutely. Bottom not confirmed, simply ever-closer…


Hopefully not far off man, But who knows. I’ll be around even if it takes a couple years :sunglasses: