Bitcoin Price Thread



I am with @Cozy dip to $3400 by weekly candle close then resume path up to get rejected by 20 week SMA over the next 2 weeks ($4800 - $5000).



2018/2019 comparison

There’s plenty of volume lurking in the shadows to give this market its first higher high in 13 months.


Gartley pattern in play, could be a decent buy at the .786 with stops below current lows. 1st target should be the .382…
Obviously will need confirmation (whatever that is for each individual) at the .786 area.


Don’t worry, his magic pen will save us all from this bitcoin bear market - legend states it can move MA’s at the flick of a wrist.


I sense a dump incoming :chart_with_downwards_trend:


yep… @kryptokenzie… how did you guess my bowel movements. lol


I’d tell you my secret but the bots are onto me.


Anyone else buying in now? Seems safe. :eyes:



There she goes… down she goes…



I was expecting a cliff when it landed on the 3k support lol :joy:


Just about there buddy.

P.s. don’t forget those stop losses :+1:



Bear Jesus has answered our prayers once again



You guys don’t think we’ll retest the 2019 lows?


Looking at 2400 range as a potential. If that can’t hold then 1800 or lower

Won’t be looking at catching the bottom though. Can end badly lol


If we didn’t capitulate from sub $3200, I think we’re likely to retest and go lower.


Yeah man 100% 3200 wasn’t capitulation


Have you given up and sold everything?
And you @Amp112506 ???