Bitcoin Price Thread



Catch the confirmation of the bottom! As far down as Bitcoin has gone, the waiting game is more powerful than trying to time the bottom. For me, before I inject any more capital into cryptos, I’ll be waiting for the bottom to come and go first litmus test I’m watching for is fib retracement of 23.6 and even at that, more likely, I’ll let it double bottom for that nice “W” formation, but we’ll see what the market actually does!

And in case I’m not terribly clear above, here’s a picture illustrating what I’m describing…

Go long target would be the circled area in this scenario and I matched the bottom of the fib retracement to the last big retracement before the end of 2017 parabolic run.


I’ll jack-off to his video if that happens. :rofl:


Hi @mwlang thanks for giving us your views :+1:
I was just wondering what your reasoning was for picking the last big
Retracement? Obviously as a level of support but is there anything else making it significant to you?


Yes, let us zoom in to another chart, and then as you can see here, on this chart, if you zoom in again, you see this extremely, needlessly complex pattern? No? Oh ok then, well let’s pan away to the inverse of it over-here…100% likelihood of $80k by March, but wait, only a 50% of breaking up out of this triangle that we are currently in, so let me rephrase that for you with my trader’s pen (I use it when I manually chart using protractor and compass, I promise!), pointing at an ever abstracted angle to my many impressive screens:

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Have you been on the website?

Literally just gives you a btc wallet address to send bitcoin too

And asks for your private keys


That Nov. 15, 2018 hedge fund exit deadline combined with that being a date when traditional tax loss selling kicks in, bottoming out magically 30 days later after the wash sale period began to elapse, and generally sideways action since then tells me it’s been a simple accumulation phase. Most of the money hasn’t re-entered because everyone is waiting “just to make sure”…which of course means this market is set up to make a ton of people look foolish, again. That’s my story, sticking to it.


Please stop posting videos from this guy. He is a joke and a con artist who deserves no attention.


Been playing out this symmetrical triangle over the week. Could break up but there is a lot of resistance. So if it does I fake out for the big money to fill shorts.

I know it’s eth but they this is what I’m looking at getting a trade on and the charts are practically the same anyway!


Im ready for the INV HSS lol


Hey might be a Siamese twin haha


The disbelief phase of this bear market cycle won’t be when the market experiences its first rally or moving average golden cross. It will be when the bottom is in and the majority still expect lower prices.


It’s not yet @kryptokenzie… I am going to get my limit orders in for icx over the weekend.


Stop shilling the fund manager man. The more views he gets the better



You want a wager on that? It’s not in for sure…

Bottom is going to be 2200 to 1800 … depending on how much despair the market wants… plus there is a chance it goes down to 800, maybe I should start my own you tube channel…


Haha you should crash!


I’m your Huckleberry…


Aiming for late March ? :man_shrugging:t2: :beetconnect:

OR if BTC test previous rally high would be till june :thinking:


I remember when I thought I could predict accurately where price was going. Then 2018 happened and it was “welcome to the fuckin show”.


As with everything I post here, it is for entertainment purposes only :joy:


:joy::joy: Is this idiot’s videos ever accurate? Can you go back and find even a couple of his videos that turned out to predict the market’s movement? Every video I see him make is so absurd.