Bitcoin Price Thread



Nope, BUT i don’t buy i just pure trade on margin


so what is it that makes you guys think everyone else will if your down 90% plus and havn’t sold out by now to take the loss you must see the value in crypto.
Its those that are trading that are moving the price not those that are holding.


capitulation only exists when a whale or group of them take a shit lol on on them caught on the wrong side of a trade :tipping_hand_man:t2:


The loss of hope. That’t why we get capitulation. It’s an emotional feeling in the market.

The week minded will sell.


Exactly. the whales pump the price down enough for people to sell lol. they then capitalise on their loss


i think this is a regurgitated statement in this space so if we drop to say 1k will you then sell? this isnt a trick question by the way?


i don’t think we will drop to 1k


thats not capitulation though


but if we do will you sell


By definition , capitulation means to surrender or give up. In financial circles, this term is used to indicate the point in time when investors have decided to give up on trying to recapture lost gains as a result of falling prices.


you agree this is manipulation by so called whales?


I don’t hold enough too sell. like i say i’m pure margin trading. I’ll be shorting all the way down bud

and yeah its only the big money that moves the markets


and why are you different to anyone else buddy?
People still here are here long term not to sell at a 90% loss, and if big money move markets and catches traders out that isn’t capitulation thats full manipulation (in my opinion its using your power to your advantage but that another story)…

Everyone is waiting for capitulation but we are all still here lol makes no sense when you think about it.
I wouldn’t ever sell at a 90% loss i simply wouldn’t buy anymore :tipping_hand_man:t2:

The market is moving due to leverage traders ie fresh fiat being put in and gambled thats not apart of this market its simply a side bet for now


passive aggressive bants and amateur guess triangles can’t stop this turd asset from going lower

see ya at the bottom


TBH i am probably not that different to the people here on thepub but, i think we are all like minded people. Well, the ones that are left anyway.

People must have sold at 90% losses in 2015 for it to give is the capitulation like it did, i expect the same again

Markets are 100% driven by human psychology, it’s why they all look the same lol. And its why i expect the same thing to happen


No. I have some BTC on my Ledger that I won’t sell for at least 10 years. I’m trying to find an entry point for my side money.


It will be the strongest hands that capitulate last. Even if it is to buy in lower.


so your argument for capitulation makes no logic as you say yourself you will not sell :thinking:


if thats the case i’d look the other way ie; your all looking for capitulation and should be the opposite perhaps buying no mater what :raised_hands:t2: