Bitcoin Price Thread



I should be able to make a killing with a bot making YouTube channel.


If subscriber count meant anything relevant i would be opening lootboxs on a gambling site made for kids because Ricegum or Jake Paul said to.


not directed at you at all :+1:
Was meant for people who put guarantees on their predictions.





Satoshi needs a new pair of shoes.


too much table smashing and finger snapping for me :joy:


I repeat…the ONLY bullish boobtuber right now is sketchy-bitcoin-fund-manager. The market will not only make the majority look foolish, again, but will also frustratingly reward the scammer just to piss you off. My name for him is Bernie Bitcoin, the crypto Madoff.


Bitcoin fund manager was the only guy calling for $6K when BTC was going parabolic from 10k to 20k. I can separate my disagreements with him and his business methods, but I can also see some value in his analysis. Not the $80k part by March :joy: unless we’re talking about 2021.


He was also the first one to call the $50k wedding top back in 2013, respect (this was also pre-pen, even more impressive)


@Cozy for the immedaite short term, it is probably going to go up, however, it could also go down. I would wait on confirmation of at least a 15 min candle out of that triangle formation.



I I’m sorry people but stop watching the fund manager and saying he’ll probably be the one who gets it right :joy:

Just no. Stop it. :joy:

Chances are he’ll get it wrong (his TA is bad) and tell the people oh sorry. I lost your bitcoin. Good bye :wave:

Anyway. No real change on price. Been impossible to trade :cold_sweat: I’m expecting a move down but also there is every chance we have a break up before we do so


Wait… are you saying that he’s wrong and that there isn’t a 100% chance of us going to $80k this month?

(even though he changed that to a 70% two minutes into the video, then to 60% chance at the three minute mark, and by the end of the video it was a 50% coin toss).

This guy is too good not to post. Makes my day. :rofl:


You know I did watch one of his videos and he does cover his tracks very well. I’ll give him that.


It’s free content , he does make some good points and seems to have decent enough knowledge in marketing.


He is literally a scam artist.

That’s his job to make it look like he is knowledgeable


Oh wow look it’s the same guy :joy::joy:


Bitcoin dash fund dash manager - 1.
Rest of YouTube - 0



I’d say it’s more

Real TA youtubers - 100

Scammer - 1


Vouchers… my advice wasn’t bad… I got it right… that is something @Nathan_D.