Bitcoin Price Thread



$150 dip is nothing.

$2,400 btc on the horizon. :teddy_bear:


Popping in to says, lets go team bears! :chart_with_downwards_trend::moneybag:


That’s why I don’t watch anybody’s videos, well, except when @Danosaurs puts something out here, but even then I tend to fast-forward through 90%. I find once I start paying attention to other people’s analyses, I start biasing towards their views a bit too quickly. What I like to do instead is form my own opinion and then, if I’m on the fence, I’ll go out and count how many agree or disagree (which is what makes this thread a great resource…).



I am never wrong… ask the wife… bursts into laughter!!!



There is nothing wrong with widening your point of view, specially from people who make a living from trading the markets.
I’m just an amateur-fanboi here (like 98% of the people who post here on the forum too), heck I’m a farmer, I do not know crap about this market and analysis so I have to rely with people who know what they are talking about, like @Danosaurs, @Entropy and several others including youtubers … heck if I’ve done this way before, I’d had managed my crypto in a wise way and most likely had more money to see in my blockfolio atm.


Let’s see, higher lows every year.
$3200 was last years can we go lower.
Bear sentiment is strong


I am an amateur, as well. :slight_smile: My point here, is that when I followed others and relied on the news feeds, I was incorrect in my analyses more than I care to admit. Then I decided to shun it all off for a couple months and started doing much, much better analyzing what my eyes told me instead of what either the news or another’s analysis called for. Since then, I’ve definitely transitioned from “just guessing” to having an educated clue about what’s in front of me, if nothing else, from practicing (and executing) over the past year.

So my message to those of you “just getting started” is to learn to count on your own system and approaches foremost and pull in from others, as you say, to broaden your views. If you don’t have one, start building one – even adopt one from those more experienced, if that gives you the necessary ramp up boost, then start adapting to your own personal style.

The attitude and approach is different nowadays for me vs. a year ago, where more often than not, I was thinking to myself, “I don’t see it, but everybody else is saying the exact same thing…”


it all depends on who you build up your general opinion, anyone can follow a guy who seems to know what he is talking about but in reality he might not know crap and someone who is new to the space does not know how to separate the posers from the real experienced people.


There are a couple people I follow. I follow krown because he is a very good trader. Same with dan.

What I have learnt from them is to find a system that works for you, learn to manage risk and most importantly sort your own psychology out.

You can learn as much TA as you want. But psychology is the key to becoming a successful trader.

@peter has some good videos on your own psychology in the b90x programme if I remember correctly!


garbage earnings in the real world, after 10 years people not willing to speculate on a novelty nobody uses, heading down

and since I’m dropping black pills, there might not be a “capitulation candle” with an immediate surge up. I don’t think there will be a big parabolic spike this time, in fact, its going to take all year to struggle back to 6k, if that even happens.


What shit you on about now?


possible round bottom? squat-with-me-bigger-round-butt-workout-youtube-thumbnail


Closing longs and opening 100x leveraged short here. Take profit at $2400 or maybe zero. Go team bears :panda_face: :koala::bear:



what wasn’t clear? ,


I just think you are calling bitcoin a novelty, you are in the wrong place man


its a novelty, stay mad …


Dudes a ball chop



Where’s the pork chop?

Someone certainly has called the “bottom”. That bottom certainly is “in” any day of the week baby!!!



I would second this. Also why these tools (such as youtube, forums and twitter) are a double-edged sword: On one hand, they are great for gathering general sentiment, seeing what others are doing, and putting it in your own unique context/reconciling it. On the other hand: If all you do is read and follow what others do/say/think, you both weaken your own ability to practice critical thinking and come up with your own opinions and thought processes, and as well, you begin to mirror others opinions and follow the crowd (the complete opposite of what you want to accomplish in markets).

Learning to use these tools as extensions for your own thought processes, not as crutches for laziness is key.