Bitcoin Price Thread



I would second this. Also why these tools (such as youtube, forums and twitter) are a double-edged sword: On one hand, they are great for gathering general sentiment, seeing what others are doing, and putting it in your own unique context/reconciling it. On the other hand: If all you do is read and follow what others do/say/think, you both weaken your own ability to practice critical thinking and come up with your own opinions and thought processes, and as well, you begin to mirror others opinions and follow the crowd (the complete opposite of what you want to accomplish in markets).

Learning to use these tools as extensions for your own thought processes, not as crutches for laziness is key.


I have a feeling things are about to get interesting around here today or this evening…

Coinbase going under maintenance:

A series of bear flags and inability to crack the 50 EMA (200 on 4H timeframe here)…

And perhaps more telling, the shorting activity currently happening:

And Mempool stats are sharply up…

Whatever’s coming, be ready!



I will keep this in my arsenal of amazing memes collection for a rainy day.

Thank you Sir.


The altcoin market cap excluding BTC has tested and rejected resistance from the 200 week SMA. The levels of support below are quite deep for here. Perhaps ETH or XRP might offer better indications of support. But to me this does not look good for holding altcoins.


and BTC has yet to show its behavior when the DJI dumps hard :poop::toilet:



The market has already dipped to this level after some consolidation before. This doesn’t seem like anything that special to me. Just more of the same. Sideways, dip, recovery, sideways, sideways, artificial pump, sideways, sideways, artificial pump, sideways, dump, sideways, dump, sideways, sideways, sideways.

I guess tomorrow will show more evidence of this being ordinary or the beginning of a more drastic pullback.


Had about 4 different accounts man


At least a good show of volume today across the board.


you randomly came at me and I just asked what you didn’t get?.. who the f cares if I made 200 accounts, it’s not like its being hidden and you are no braniac for saying it.

stop attacking people when they post a hypothesis you don’t like, it makes you seem like like a dullard

hit us with your signature move = “derp derp derp, I scalp so I win either way.”


I am a dullard… :sunglasses:

I mean it makes me money so… :man_shrugging:

But what does it make you?

The fact you have to make multiple accounts to ridicule people in this space is just sad.

Did you get REKT and have sour grapes??


yer a clown bro…


Yes i am.

And you know what, i am a very fucking happy one.

I don’t feel the need to make multiple accounts to get a shit message across. How does someone manage to fuck up a meme thread man?

Apologies guys if i am a dick when someone has a different trading strategy to me. I am focused on my own trades and don’t like to have confluence affecting them. I do take on board what other people say but 90% of the time i am focused on my trades lol.




more like :point_down:



I won’t go any further man, i said my part.

I can’t see any gain from this hahaha

If he wants to carry on calling me names…

Yes i am a dick, i am a clown, i am what ever he wants to call me :kissing_heart:


fuck all wrong with a bit verbals mate, we’re like a mad difunctional family in here. Hans is a good lad at heart i’m sure.
he’s like your mad mate who runs his mouth and gets you all in the shit. the fact he exploits the system to get back in shows he really loves the place :ok_hand:


Things were a lot more peaceful in the Pub, during the Bull run.


i joind end of jan. 2018. i know nothing of this time of peace you talk about :joy: