Bitcoin Price Thread



Now now… Deep inside… We all love each other. :crazy_face:


Twas a good time lad… When Men used adjectives like “Strong Hands” and “When Moon” or “When Lambo”, and Icon was at $12, and people said things like “I believe in the technology” when buying shit coins, and we all bought Photon Coin because we believed in the technology.

Twas a good time.


I was here the whole time. There were still trolling idiots back then. Many of the offenders are trolls regardless. Especially the ones who repeatedly make new accounts just to troll. It’s very sad people who derive pleasure from tormenting others.

Clearly they did not have an ideal upbringing.


The trolls at that time weren’t as toxic as what I remember watching on Reddit. This place was and still is Heaven compared to other communities I’ve seen. As long as people remember not to feed them, life is much easier.


this bitcoin chart is one ugly anemic pig


We just hit $20 short of the 200w SMA. Temporary relief now, or further bloodshed?


Yeah could sit around here for a little bit now man! Be interesting to see how it reacts


80k or maybe 3k


What’s worrying is When this thing bottoms out and we do reverse, new retailers might see he was right and called the bottom and give him their bitcoins :cold_sweat:


I expect bounces/reversals off resistance and support to be dragged out. Planned for a lot of anxiety to build up in the market. “Are we going to break? Should I short or should I long. Bulls look weak here.”


Would make sense man, can’t see the 200ma getting broke on the first pass,


I have 708k photon. Your telling me that’s not gonna buy me a place in Fiji?


Poll time!!

Where do you think bitcoin will bottom!?

  • 2800-3200
  • 2400-2800
  • 2000-2400
  • 1600-2000
  • Below 1600
  • Bitcone going to 0, XRP to the mooooooon

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I’d be cautious expecting lows like that man, how come you are so low?


Market is too overvalued, below 1k is what most people will think will kill btc and will bail. It won’t kill btc, it would just hang on for a while



Sadly it wouldn’t even buy you a bottle of Fiji water. We’re holding bags for life! #BoughtInAt5Sats


Fair enough man, it could easily do it. But the over bearish will try to be caught out too man. That’s why I’m a happy medium.

But hey wouldn’t be shocked if we broke lower!


dunno, cant go full bear mode, $1,300 is the last rally ATH so that’d be a tough bone to chew through :thinking:

I’m still expecting a bull trap first, to absolutelly kill the last bulls like BTC going to the 4.5k~ range (still being the overall 0.786 fib point) and then tank hard to low 2k~ lvls.

THEN … long consolidation, like 8-12 month long consolidation, just to make a 2nd bottom test ala 2014 just to kill the overly greedy people who longed BTC with very high leverage.

This market is very manipulative, and high $$ people are experts, will play with regular joes’ feelings and common mistakes, they’ll grab as much BTC as they can.



I mean some people think 3200 is the bottom, but it could easily drop 50%
Then some would say no 1600 is the bottom, but it could easy drop 50%

If someone buys now thinking its the bottom and it drops to 800, thats a 75% haircut.

In another scenario, say it drops to say 2000 and someone buys back when its above 4000, that reduces a lot of risk. Persoanlly like i said, I think its going way lower