Bitcoin Price Thread




(that was me spitting my coffee…)

During the bull run, anyone saying “we’re heading down” instead of “when lambo” was attacked with vitriol and shunned. Anyone who said, “I like Bitcoin Cash” got chewed up and spit out and then stomped on…Anyone who questioned ICX, well, you get it… :slight_smile:

All I know is with all the critical harshness and intolerance you can find here in the pub, it still absolutely pales in comparison to say, Reddit and so it’s still a great place to come and spout out. In the beginning, we also used to have to aggressively shut down intolerant behavior…nowadays, it pretty much dies out on it’s on.


going lower
nothing fundamental underneath it
the street doesn’t care
tether was a big pump scam
ICOs had a high rate of scams, crushing confidence in space
could take a couple years to recover
Waiting for the sub 2k BTC to buy, put in cold storage and walk away


Tom Lee was disappointed bitcoin didn’t hit his $25K target. Like he wasn’t short selling the crap out of this market :joy:


You need to add an option…“already bottomed”


Can’t change it now man, I guess we did hit 3200 mark so I guess that will have to count mate


Does anyone actually go back and see how wrong the consensus is on these polls a few months later? Isn’t this supposed to be the “we’re exceptions to the massive failure rates of active traders” group?


The Hodge twins will have made all kinds of gains in a few months


just $150 away from the 200 WMA. :man_shrugging:t2:


Everything is fine


Is that Rocket Fuel “baby” to the Moon I see coming out of the Hindenburg?

Crash… Its me… I am predicting me!!!


Looking for a wick to ~$3500 then a drop to ~$3200 by the end of the week before a bigger bounce. Not confident in new lows just yet.


so you think the chances of dropping below 3200 are diminishing?


Chance is there still but leaning towards another bounce before it breaks. I’m long now, going to go short around $3460 and look to rebuy anything below $3300. Splitting hairs now this is almost not worth it anymore.


awesome, thx… I know you just mean long for the trade and not long for the market going bullish for months like 2017… these little swing trades in here seem risky, like you alluded to… I’m just trying to monitor the bottom for purposes of putting dollars in at the optimal cost to get my average down.

For the long no swing trade people, if they miss the bottom and dont buy, they will have nothing to show for all the angst and deeply regret not buying 3200 BTC - but lets say a person has 20K to spend, the difference between 6 Bitcoin and 18 bitcoin, really makes you want to not fuck up buying the REAL bottom…


That’s the biggest mental struggle. Even a little bit of capital averaging in on the way down vs waiting for a bull market might be way better off long term. If people pass up buying at or around the bottom you know they will be doing the math in a few years with a shit load of regret.


Golden cross on gold fwiw.


Interesting - if you take this viewpoint (w/ AMZN being 80b cap in 2012, BTC current @ 60b);
If the ratio holds, BTC would 10x from here and still be under-priced, at ~$35k before 2030.

But Charles is also comparing a single retail entity with a new form of emerging global money, does this comparison make sense?

I particularly like this quote: “Moreover, 63 percent of execs barely understand what blockchain actually is.”

If we bring this back into the context of comparison w/ AMZN back in the early 20-teens, I’m sure most not only understood what Amazon was, but may have used them (potential market had matured). It can be argued that the BTC potential market is much earlier, and so the exponential growth curve (adoption curve) is also much earlier on.


Bitcoin has no sales force, sales muscle is how things win share - we should stop talking about mass adoption or comping btc with commercial ventures until there is a commercial reason for someone to go take share with BTC using brute force.

Gold doesn’t have mass adoption as a form of payment, but it does have a channel and hence it has lots of sales forces, distribution, financial vehicles and custody.

communities build science projects, not companies

Let’s take our heads out of the sand. The best we can really hope for right now is some financial vehicles and custody.


New favorite for the Excellence in Ignorance Award.


its 100% accurate, make an alternate case