Bitcoin Price Thread



ya, that’s about right, but my initial post wasn’t trolling, it’s a legitimate scenario with reasoning, which then got trolled by the 300M dollar autistic guy


Feed Da Troll Baby!!!..

Just as a heads up… I would suggest that we being the Bitcoin Pub, should in the first instance be respectful to each other.


God bless everyone and I really hope if you are having a less than an amazing day things start to improve for you.



ascending triangle on eth?
Hinting at a break up before we continue down?
All my shorts are closed, ill re enter if we break out below the lower support line


God i am good!! hahaha (joking btw)

Closed them just before it shot up! Looking at a higher re entry to short now now



Absolutely possible man.
A nice bull trap like that would work just nice so we can get lower lows!!



Bitcoin price alert goes off.

Gotta get my shorts in!



Yeah boy! nice trade on that long you took pal!


Still looking for a wick to $3500 in the next 12 hours.




I like this :+1:t2: :megusta:


Decent sums of USDC observed heading to BitFinex 1 hour ago… $1.3M and $1.5M respectively.


Interesting although it doesn’t tell you much. They could use that money to straight up purchase, short, go long with leverage or go short with leverage.


if you use the pink line as your long term mean, and replicate price from the high of the weekly chart in 2013 to the break out of the highs in feb 2017 using the bars pattern in the left tool bar on trading view then paste on top starting from the high 2017.
seems legit :joy:


Could be something similar. There is some trendline in the long term log chart that will make sense to us all in another year from now for the next up trend.

Permabears will say it’s only a coincidence that a trend line validates 8 years of data. :roger:


Interestingly enough, the support of a parabolic run on BTC becomes the top of the next run :thinking: will we do the same :face_with_monocle:


Not the best, I’m sat at work on my phone :cold_sweat:



sometimes I feel a major FUD storm is being brewed right now :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::tornado::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: