Bitcoin Price Thread



Yes! Some massive fud being spread about Justin son and BTT at the minute too


Crypto sniper had a vid today discussing when fear of loss is greater than FOMO is when shit gets real.


LOL, when it’s about TRON it’s not FUD. It’s actual facts. The sooner that scam collapses the better.


Whaddya know, they have re-filed:


but, but i thought they’d pulled it because they thought there was no chance :wink:


Just a few hours til the monthly closes broskis, will we see a last ditch attempt from the bulls to get above the monthly 55EMA??


6 months of red. Bitcoin always a bag of tricks :tada:


Can’t call it the January dip when every month for the last half of a year is red :rollsafe:



And all that means is they reset the approval clock to buy more time. They now have 240 days vs. the prior Feb. 27th deadline. A non-issue till September.




If we see a second bounce from the lows to move up over the next few weeks I am still sided that we could see a bearish test of the 20 week SMA. The daily kumo cloud is thinning out so we could quite possibly move through the resistance levels easier on a potential bounce to get a weekly wick up to the $4300-$4500 level. What’s everyone else seeing?


I see a higher low with each dip but also unfortunately a lower high. We seem to be headed for another coiling up situation like the $6,000 range. Hopefully the result is up instead of straight down this time.


Not sure if this has been posted yet, but if you need any added motivation to hodl, this might just be it.


Bear flag, orderly fall in volume. Move incoming soon


@MaxP is there the option for a recovery in price before going to new lows?


What i wanna knows is, what happened to the wave counters out there? :man_shrugging:


Elliot waved their money good bye lol


Who knows mate, Possibly, just have to see things play out


What happened to everyone? The pub is dead :coffin: :skull: