Bitcoin Price Thread



Mate, i had to knock the cobwebs off the doors.
To much hope left is my guess. Everyone’s out celebrating 5600 coming in May :joy:


no one wants me to post my tangled chart of FIBs and shit :disappointed:



On the 1 minute chart bitcoin has re-tested the 0.382. If 3410 breaks up, next resistance is 3411. Opening a short at $3411, stop loss $3411.75.


The party seems to have shifted over to Yen. We’ll be there soon.


Too busy making money in FX, BTC worth only Dca until April/May maybe then worth a look for trading :money_mouth_face:


Get them posted… FIBS,FIBS,FIBS,FIBS. Come on everyone after me… we want FIBS,when do we want them???.
Feel like the last drunk in the pub :see_no_evil:




ICX thread is even worse :man_shrugging:t2: :rofl:


Bear market blues :bearish:


@Danosaurs keeps crushing it rather consistently. Sub to his YouTube if you haven’t and check it out. He consistently delivers valuable content on a higher level gratís than most charge for. :ok_hand:


This rising wedge is rather pronounced. Curious if it breaks down over the next few hours, as we’re currently sitting on support (which is now at $3400).

If it does break down, the 200w SMA has risen to $3320.


My god…It’s happening.


Probably have a trap of some sort. With it hanging around here for so long, it will probably catch people off guard and shoot up


When price moves sideways for too long.



Normally means something big Is coming :eyes::eyes::eyes:


to the downside? :beetconnect:


The ninja has spoken


Be careful… its probably a trap… lots thinking a move up is likely… maybe just before the crunch…


The trend line broke. Granted it’s possible that we move up, but the charts are screaming for the 200w SMA or a double bottom.