Bitcoin Price Thread



Hope to find the answer too


Move pending tonight/tomorrow AM shorts are piling up :sunglasses:


Beautiful 4 hr candle


How you been buddy?
You still trading?


Keeping good. Yep looking to take a long at some point here. How has trading been on your end?


Good to hear mate, i’ve been over in FX and gold buddy great January for me over there. Started my DCA back up first week of Jan in BTC,XRP,LTC,ICX Slow and steady now for me in the space, seems to be very very quiet around here at the moment some amazing progress in the space but lack of movement spell Fear to me and FEAR = Buy :lightsaber1::lightsaber2:

Chinese new year is here and red envelopes are flying :joy:



In my humble opinion. Unless you’re a trader, price don’t matter for several years. :thinking:


One man caused it all?


I was just about to post this. :slight_smile:


Many of us have been saying that, the big BTC whales can crash the price … big power in hands of the few.


Bitcoin’s gonna bank the un-banked :elrisitaslaugh:


Some trendlines for everyone…


BTC volume is about the same as when it broke down from 6k ? just sayin’ :man_shrugging:t2: something is cookin’ in the Crypto Kitchen.

:mushroom: :cheese: :pizza: :mushroom:


All ya need to know going forward.


That’s too much fungus


When you catch a 11% rise in LTC before 9am and make a weeks wage :lightsaber1: see you Monday Charts :sunglasses:


Damp inc.? :bogged:

curious in the double bottom at 3.2k reaction.


Fund managers main account been terminated LOL


Someone i know traced his wallet about a month ago. He had been sent 85+ Bitcoins.

So worrying, and just shows this bear market is far from over :confused: