Bitcoin Price Thread



Shit, is that true? 1,000,s more clowns out there that need a good slap then…Jeez…


:arthur: says pamp it,


Just finished building the candlestick chart for the bot.

Nice movement.




10% in one hour. Like the good old days.


Especially when you tether up for the weekend dump :joy::joy::joy:


I took a quick long and nearly doubled my account. I love 100x leverage haha


Holy shit. Congrats!


Pure luck tbh, i was short last night, got stopped out at 3375, just looked like it wanted to head up so went long, sold at that upper resistance


ill look for the next big short now, could be a couple days, weekend round the corner


Have you guys seen the LTC chart?!?? Go BTC go!



We have just gained $ in Market Cap.

Good start, ey?


Sometimes I really wish I didn’t work in construction. I’m never at my computer at the right time. I’d love to cash in on these moves as they happen.


I’m pretty lucky man, my job means i can pretty much be at a computer in the best times tbh.

I want to be a full time trader one day so my job is perfect lol


Bears right now :fire: :thisisfine: :fire:


Wow! That was pretty unexpected. First ICX crushes it and now everything. That’s the start of a good weekend.


aaaaaand, we’re back!


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