Bitcoin Price Thread



Was thinking yesterday to sell to avoid friday red day, but didn’t, now jumpnig out of ltc with 17% profit, 30% up today, i’ll take it


still no higher highs :man_shrugging:t2:


:joy: speak for yourself mate i made £1400 today lol thats high enough for me :lightsaber1:


jacko be like


I meant more for anyone who was short prior to the pump. Including me :raising_hand_man: this morning.


@Manuel_Villarreal alway the little ray of light :joy: still waiting for the bottom


I think we make another stab up to that resistance bitcoin has been governed by tbh, will take a scalp short off that resistance. Be looking for divergences and see how it goes


trader: “made a nice 4yr trade on the jpn index” …

@Manuel_Villarreal :


I love how the market was printing all kinds of resistance levels over the past 2 months and the trader in me is like :brain: :speaking_head: “If I am wrong on not taking a long here at $3350 I will at least have a retrace I can buy into after the pump begins before we fill out this area to $3700.” :skull_and_crossbones:

Now I am like :speaking_head: go fuck yourself bitcoin. :roger:


I just said BTC has yet to make a HH, which I stand by my comment, what does your profit has to do with what I just said?


Your the depressive person of the thread buddy, either your making money or your not theres nothing more to it, HH, HL, LL, LH who gives a fuck cash is cash :sunglasses:


How I am trading this is looking to enter a short up here. The price tested the 50 day SMA which is a significant support and resistance moving average for BTC. I look to exit my trade front running before the 0.382 retrace and watch for a reaction to take a long position.


LTC was the only 1 to blow through it’s 50 day and took out the 100 day too i have a feeling BTC will pass it 50 day may reach 3950 ish hit the down trend resistance and retrace again towards the 3.3k


lmao being depressive for making a comment about BTC price range, sure GG bud.

But hey, dont get distracted by my comments if you are living under a sub £1400 weekly or a £5k monthly stated by you here, life must be tough so secure profits since you need the money more than I do and keep us informed everyone here on the pub how much you’re making on the swings so we do not need to worry about your financial stability :joy:

Another good example of when @peter siad that money just amplifies ones true personality :man_shrugging:t2:


Yeah I feel the same. Hoping to long $3580 and then :btc: should grab enough fuel :moneybag: in the .382 to bust through the 50 day and move onto the $3800-4000 area (depending on exchange).


You been using Deribit bud?


Profits are straight profits what i make trading is open season while you sit and continue to wait for a HH others have another agenda and that agenda is making money. Your petty comments add nothing for people that may be feeling a slight bit better on a green day rather than a constant land slide of losses.

We all have different views but yours is that of a bell end fixated on playing devils advocate i’ll see you at the Bottom you wait for :man_shrugging:


Nope, bitmex :arthur:

Pretty comfortable with the ui there. I tried to short $3700 but there was a system overload error at the time :arthur: :bogged:


I enjoy e toros lay out and simplistic use but the fee’s are beyond a joke :face_vomiting:


Fair enough man!

Kraken has just offered futures trading I think. It’s backed by the FSA. Looks legit like

They even offer xrp futures with 50x leverage @Jacko1988 :sunglasses: