Bitcoin Price Thread




don’t speak of XRP @Manuel_Villarreal is on patrol :sunglasses:


You’re just making people feel sorry for your with your arrogance with whatever you make on a swing being directed to a comment of BTC price action/range, celebrating your weekly income, nice, good for you since you really need the pocket change and let everyone know about it since you want to pump your ego with such a pitiful action.

Successful people do not need to disclose how much they make, nor how they do it, much less trying to look like a know it all type of guy, there’s plenty of rich people here on the forum who just do crypto for fun/novelty/hobby/entertainment and rarely post anything, much less brag about a £1.4k swing :joy:


Love you too manny let me know when you take some profits of the table :cowboy_hat_face:


Wow I just hit the big time… I made 50 ICX… to the moon we go!"!

Come on people… play nice… we are all here and we can be civil to each other. Lets keep this community in the right spirit. No reason to run anyone noses in it. We all can win together.



Me right now. Guys plz stop…


I’m sorry for the things i have said the profits i have made i have shamed myself :sunglasses:

I blame Manny and his pessimistic wording :cowboy_hat_face:


get a grip of yourself mate, all he did was post about making a profitable trade. i didn’t read any arrogance in the way he worded his post. at least he never came in and said i told you so after paper trading the fucker.


I’m glad you are doing so since you really need them :joy:


Everyone, be nice… its a simple request… or I will spit the dummy out!!! Dare someone to post a meme on this…



i have food to buy and kids to feed wtf else am i gonna do lol :man_shrugging:



That even looks like me!!!

Wow… gosh I look old



Funny, because you look much younger in your profile picture. :joy::wink:




yeah wtf i thought he was holding the crash bot :robot:


last one Manny i promise @Manuel_Villarreal

tell me you have a little tash?


Thats a picture I love being my eldest daughter picking up a copy of Perrys I was using it as a doorstop. Any chemical engineer would know this Book. It nearly had her over it was so heavy.



Wheres that 100k Bitcoin guy at? :eyes: