Bitcoin Price Thread



he’s always bearish so def a good sign the bulls are coming soon


The bears are easily in control.


What if I told you the bulls and bears are the same people.


Actually MPC always changes his sentiment all the time. His TA skills are amazing undoubtedly, but I can’t really deal with his arrogance


I feel the point MPC was making was that a price increase increases the probability of the bear market being over. That probability could have gone from 10% chance to a 11% chance that the bear market could be over. The likely hood that MCP will receive a lot of heat from people who live in a world of certainties for this announcement, if the bear market isn’t over, also increased greatly today. The lesson/reminder being to look at the market from a statistical / probabilistic perspective and not from a position of conviction. This market has taken money out of a lot of peoples hands and put money into a lot of peoples hands. It will continue to do so :cow: or :bear:.


:cowboy_hat_face: tether up, time for a dip :lightsaber2:



Good find. My prediction of 1800 -2200 is about right then. The question I am then asking myself, is when that happens will everyone be pulling out of ICX like crazy? I think April could be a bit early, might be later, we could have a bit more protraction and longevity of Purgatory period.

@Manuel_Villarreal you are a star. thanks for posting.



np @Crash101, timestamps on those charts are just aproximates, what is important is the price movement, we should keep an eye on it to consider reactions.

Last BTC mini pump on Feb 8 was just the 2nd reaction it got off the 200w ma, this time much weaker … we should see if 3rd time is the charm for a stronger reaction or breaks down.



divergence boiiis


@MaxP think you are now showing off with language. Whats that BOIS mean? :wink:

What is the impact of divergence? What’s that mean?



price made lower high, rsi made a higher high. bulls tried harder to go lower mate.

Can take time for anything to come from it though


This guy has great content on his YouTube channel. Check out his “better know an indicator” playlist. Also goes under @carpenoctom on Twitter.


Seems like the same stuff i do on b90x…


If he’s not done b90x then I don’t know what to say :disappointed:
Actually really like his Ichimoku cloud content more than anything else.


Based on this, we have in ICX higher highs and MACD is droping off the planet. Taken out my rebuy and waiting it to drop.

Really appreciate this video. I have certainly learnt something today. Might even earn some more ICX too, so big kudos. Also Peter, there are divergences in B90x too. Need to refresh my memory. I have too much python in my head.




Actually, trading is a great way to get some money, but it does require some knowledge and skill do get it done. Fyi, you probably gonna fall for some seductive advertisement and lose you green trying to get Free Money. I think, for some people it’s just a has to be done thing - reconsider their own actions about trading. I’ve lost mine and can say that for sure :joy:


If you give up on the race, you have lost, keep getting up and keep on going. Check out that post I have just made on bitcoin Private… you got to keep trying!!! Don’t give up, keep learning and keep going.



Easy tiger, don’t just trade on divergence alone. Lots of false signals.
Also Mac-d might show bearish divergence but rsi etc might not. Maybe Try to use them in conjunction with other indicators like support and resistance and candlestick patterns or volume.


Listen, noob. A $200 price retracing is far from the end of a bear market for Bitcoin.

A beer for this guy :joy: :beers: :beer: