Bitcoin Price Thread



Fair one @Clarky663, both work with the lowish volume,

But yeah I see what you mean @Nathan_D but for trading you have to constantly change, TA isn’t a crystal ball it’s just an indication of the overall feeling of the market


My bet is that weekly RSI once it reaches the 42.5 range, it will signal BTC will go down, just like it did in 2014.

Then down to 2.4k with a wick to 1.8k bois.

:crystal_ball: :crystal_ball: :crystal_ball: :crystal_ball:


Probably the best tweet I’ve read in a while. You’d think he’d been reading some of the posts in here :joy:
Well worth a follow if your into your TA.


your going to short it then?


Haha, yeah too many analysts who don’t trade!


I’m goin to buy lower, I dont need to short anything.

Have you longed already?


with Leverage no not currently as I missed the initial move and not willing to fomo in, If you class dca as going long then yes… have been for a while.
I will also be going long with a little leverage if I see the right price action etc around the 3800/700 mark for a short term continuation trade. Probably won’t consider a short until(if) we get below 3500 as it stands.
If I was as confident as you seem to be we are going to 2500/1800 I’d definitely be making a low leveraged trade to back up that belief though . But I’m not.
Good luck buying the bottom though :crossed_fingers:


Anonymous Beaner on the pub:




2900 then moon :joy: :+1:
If you haven’t got low prices covered there’s no helping you. Whether they get hit or not is the million dollar question.

Oh, and welcome back Hans.:wave:t2:



It’s interesting psychology. You have to make your own calls in this game if you’re going to trade. I would have been :skull_and_crossbones: if I listened to the bears. I am bearish and expect to see lower lows but that doesn’t mean it’s happening right here and now.


:eyes: if you have looked into Ichimoku, this is bullish (short term!!! Before Torres and the perma bears jumps on my dick)


I agree, undoubtedly whales have their influence deep into this market. I sort of hope the Murad’s scenario happens though. I feel like I missed a lot in this market considering I entered crypto world in late 2017 when bitcoin had the whole worlds attention :grimacing: been buying dips ever since, but the dips kept reaching new lows :crazy_face: Cost averaged :icx: and other projects pretty well with these prices though.



Do not search “bull fucking a bear” while looking for a funny cartoon rebuttal…

you have been warned.


Look forward to posting a technical Analysis to the pub in what has been a long time! Prepare yourselves :stuck_out_tongue:


Crypto isn’t that bad. My KHC (Kraft Heinz Company) holdings dropped 25% during off-market hours due to an SEC subpoena into their accounting records. It kind of makes a 10% day in crypto look like a splash in the bucket, lol.


When you went 100X short at $3350.

Don’t forget that “buy” button.



ETH to $173 :man_shrugging:
LTC $57 :dicaprio1:
BTC retest of $4400 :face_with_monocle:

BTC shorts are getting crushed right now, battle on our hands here if trading like myself take profits as you go :lightsaber1: :hulksmash:


Moon now. LAMBO LAMBO.