Bitcoin Price Thread



Not really just another opportunity to make profits you could be here a while for that moon :dicaprio3:


looks like it if we get above the 200 ema man on the weekly


You get any of this move mate i’m still in from the 15th on BTC and have 1/4 of my ETH form our convo on the 18th :hulksmash:


Just scalps mate, i will see how we close on the weekly for a big trade,
What i am seeing those is alot of retailers getting excited…
And i don’t really like this fractal shit but we made a higher high before the market collapsed in 2015!

If you are an investor…






what price do you now class a collapse ??


If we close above the 200 ema nect target woul naturally be the 21ema for the bullish side. If we can’t get over here then id look to go short man.

What i am seeing is crypto twitter going CRAZY and getting super bullish. What do we have on the 27th? we have the ETH fork, ETH has lead this market so it looks like an event driven pump. We are still in a bear market. What do bears need? They need people overdosed on hopium!


LTC has lead the market mate it has since December 17th, ETH has followed i think too many are trying to find the bottom and have now become to reserved/fearful in the market.

Each to their own mate :dicaprio1: as long as the profits are there thats all that matters


2700/2900. Just enough to get everyone going short and liquidate the longs that got in at 3100.


The old switcharoo :rofl:

LTC the strongest of the pack

above all daily 50 100 200


I think your right mate, there is definitely a short term bullishness floating around CT but i don’t see many willing to say the bottom is in, I still think there’s far more people shit scared to go long than short.


i think we will be sideway’s for 6 months yet so not saying we are off on a bull run but so much fear around.
every move up brings out the pussies who only with for lower prices due to missing the move :man_shrugging:


Bear in mind this hasn’t updated yet. When it gets this high, it normally correlates with the major dumps


I wouldn’t even watch that mate the big fish don’t give a fuck for that stuff :man_shrugging:


Granted, but the one time it doesn’t work out like that how many are going to get left behind?


ill go long of we close above the weekly 200, got to make a trade if its there man,

I just don’t think the bottom is in just yet and we are in bull market like alot of twitter does haha





technically i am always long on deribit haha


I don’t think anything anymore mate no bull no bear just trade, in out spend it all about haha :joy: