Bitcoin Price Thread



thats it man! got to get on the winning side


increasing volume on LTC,BTC mate :lightsaber1:


Manuel be like…


Why doo ppl keep saying we are in a bear market? We’re in a bull market, we’re up 4X from January 2017…


Looks like they’ll have some ketching up to do


Because the sellers take control


If you look closely this is a BTC in flames :joy:


What did this thing look like in 2017? All greed 24/7??


BTC up 25% with practically no pullbacks. I had my short filled at $4150 as I planned. Quick moves up like this with no retraces are more bearish to me in what I think is playing out. If BTC breaks $4500 I will consider a bit more of a bullish possibility. Until then I have no reason to not consider this a bearish kiss of death of the 200 weekly EMA.


I’m not too sure man, but when it’s this high in a bear market after a move of a few hundred dollars it can’t be a good sign

more info on how it is put together


Your trading record must be pretty stellar if you base it on a sample size of a dozen random internet guys fucking around. :joy:


~1 more week until March, looks like a myriad of bitcoin fund manager followers front running the market b4 $80k :thinking:


The FOMO is too real to take any profits right now.


Great moves last night for the market, volume has moved to TRX breaking out of its triangle TP .029 .021 .036 :dicaprio1: i think trx could wick up to.040 in the coming week


Lads I’ve been away with work, can anyone fill me in on what the hell is going on right now?
Volume is way up, and I’m seeing bullish sentiments everywhere.

FOMOing says one thing to me, be careful and probably time to take some profits?


so you are using us for sentiment for trading but also say you haven’t been in here???


Most are bearish. Go ahead and take those longs. :saltbae:


Did u learn it from B90x?


@HarryvdV this is why it’s called a bear market because the bears take control.

Have this incredible run for the bears to just fuck shit up


The weekly girthy green candle just turned into a shooting star so far on a Sunday :beetconnect: lets see how it closes :skull: